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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: "Men Must Not Turn Into Bees, and Kill Themselves In Stinging Others"

Greetings to everyone in Western Illinois. We are nearing the end of August, named for Augustus Caesar and once labeled "wesdmonath," or "weed month" by the Anglo-Saxon. Everything is flourishing now.

But wait, as we near the end of the month, summer seems to be running out of steam. These subtle changes-a few cool nights, a shift in the quality of the light, the screech of crickets instead of the trill of songbirds-all remind us not to take these summer days for granted.

Did you know the tree crickets that live in trees and weedy fields can be useful in determining temperature in degrees Fahrenheit? Male tree crickets are the musical stars of the insect world.

If'n you add 40 to the number of chirps a tree cricket makes in 14 seconds, the total will tell you the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit. Try it and see for yourself.

Another insect lesson is that of the honey bee. Holding onto grudges for great lengths of time is much like the sting of the honey bee. There are those that don't remember grudges but "distinctly remember forgetting grudges".

When a honey bee stings, it's barbed stinger becomes anchored in the flesh of it's victim. The only way the bee can escape is to literally tear itself away, leaving part of it's abdomen behind. The bee dies a short time later.

Bitterness, resentment, and the desire for revenge may wound our enemies, but in the end revenge will hurt us even more. "Whoever is out of patience is out of possession of his soul. Men must not turn into bees, and kill themselves in stinging others." (Sir Francis Bacon)

Recently Cornelius Farkward went into a tirade at the local coffee shop about the radical nature of two local writers who often have radical liberal articles in neighboring newspapers. Mike Sweet and Bill Knight are columnists that are his point of anger.

Cornelius wants to quit reading those papers because they blindly follow and promote the extreme liberal point of view from the Democratic party, look and step type of ideology.

He eagerly awaits, he states, for some very small semblance of acknowledge-ment that just perhaps some other point of view, no matter how unlikely, might enjoy at least some positive discussion by these men.

Cornelius notes that all that disagree with these two's ideology are labeled by them as liars, pummelers, misinformation discriminators and perhaps skunks and scallywags. For sure, Mike Sweet has labeled those folks as megalomaniacs with demonic abilities.

Well, I sez, I'm not sure I agree with you on those statements and besides, remember they are writing to entertain.

Some folk ride on a roller coaster to have the stuff'ins scared out of themselves for entertainment, others read Mike Sweet and Bill Knight.

They don't no more believe in most of the stuff they write, if not at all, any more than a hound dog yarping at the full moon actually believes he is a gonna retrieve some Swiss cheese for nighttime snacks.

They only write that unbelievable baloney to get you on edge and sell papers.

Besides, I tells Cornelius, you don't buy the paper anyhow. You read them free at the coffee shop. So, you're not supporting their bonehead ideas with your financial reward, no how.

But if'n you insist on finding fault with em, you should be grateful they are around these days and not in colonial times. Can you imagine the mess our country would be in with them arguing against the constitution.

They probably would have sided with King George of England in almost every matter, which would have been counter to the United States Democracy as we now know it and would have given great comfort to the Topies, who they now look to for their Health Care examples.

Benedict Arnold may have been their hero!

Yes, Cornelius sez, and they probably would have caused ole Abe Lincoln great grief by siding with Jefferson Davis. Well, I sez, I don't know about all of that. For one thing, they probably wouldn't have been listened to back then any more than they are now.

Our great country has always had radicals, even from the very beginning, so they enjoy a mixed crowd. Besides, look at their pictures each time in the paper-Bill Knight with his bald head and disguised colored glasses and Mike Sweet hiding his smirk behind all of them whiskers-they look like rather decent folk to me.

Surely, in spite of all the hate letters, and disgust'in remarks made about them, somebody loves them.

In that case we should all shower them with love and prayers. It's the right attitude to have with all ornery critters and besides, remember the honey bee. Why destroy yourself with bitterness, resentment, and the desire for revenge. It's your life-why waste it?

Well, ole Cornelius surprised me with his reply. I give this as a cautionary statement to Mike and Bill. Beware of when you meet up with Cornelius from Henderson County.

He is now planning on planting a great big ole powerful hug on both you'ns, planting a juicy kiss upon each of you, and showering you both with lots of love. All of this to temper your sour attitudes and perhaps soften your negative outlook. In the meantime Cornelius sez, keep on trying to grant us some cheap thrills by showering us with your entertainment, albeit unbelievable, extremely liberal writings.

It makes good material for the bird poop in Tweetie's cage and he don't mind a bit. It's the highest and best use for those radicals known to mankind!

Keep on Smile'n

Catch ya later

Barnyard Bruke