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Incoming Freshmen, Prepared For High School

by Dessa Rodeffer-Quill Publisher/Owner

The Freshmen Academy which Jodi Scott Regional Superintendent and her staff conducted over the summer was again a big success according to the incoming high school Freshmen from West Central who attended. "It was fun," said one student who said it helped her get ready for high school Algebra. Another student said he was more eager to start high school.

The idea was to get students who were selected by their teacher that would most benefit by the program to help them be ready for high school. Monmouth College was chosen as a neutral sight, said Jodi Scott, so students from all over the region she serves could easily attend. It's a neutral sight rather than selecting one of the high schools.

Mrs. Lewis said students are exposed to different classes and learn individual responsibilities.

It helps students from being a little overwhelmed.

The small class sizes really help each of them to connect and ask questions.

The class met from 8 a.m. until noon every weekday for six weeks.

It builds confidence for a long line of success through high school and beyond.

At the end of the six weeks, a special ceremony is held for parents, and students tell what the session met to them and teachers gave awards to their students with positive remarks for each one.

Teachers could see the talents in each student and helped them with pride, character and leadership skills.

It was six weeks of school the kids said they actually enjoyed.

Pictured are students and teachers from West Central who took part in the Incoming Freshmen 6-week program conducted through the office of Regional Superintendent Jodi Scott. Far back is Mr. Nathan Koteba, and second from left is Mrs. Laura Lewis West Central teachers taking part in the program and students Charity Sanders, Olivia Hoover, and Matt Bundy, And in front from left: Colton Knapp, Kaleb Shultz and Kyler Engen.