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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: "Change is gravitating so strongly toward socialism and centralized control of our every day lives"

Greetings to everyone in Western Illinois. I'm a hope'n everyone had an opportunity to enjoy the activities at the Western Illinois Threshers event at Hamilton, Illinois.

Plow'n with horses and the show of old tractors is always interest'n. The heat and humidity kind of made for some thin crowds but then that is the luck of the draw. Cool weather preceded and followed the event.

Next Friday is final sign up day for the FSA's "ACRE" program. It is a complex program that is difficult to understand and you are not really sure all the rules have been written on it yet. Basically it appeals to man kind's basal instinct for greed.

A few dollars are waved in front of his snout without fully explain'n completely the freedoms and responsibilities he is a given up. The bait looks juicy enough and there is a high probability you might be rewarded on the short term. Long term, however, is another story yet to unfold.

By the look of other government proposals of late, the plan is for the central government to control as much decision make'n as possible. Apparently, today's leaders do not trust the average citizen in that area.

A recent survey at the local coffee shop showed that most voters got confused in the last election. They assumed they were a vote'n for change thru the like of "Tiger Woods" instead of realize'n that "Barack Obama" is no "Tiger Woods" except in the area of where they was born.

Some is make'n a big deal of the possibility that Obama's absent birth certificate might disqualify him as president. It does seem strange he won't just produce it and silence the critics. What seems more important to many is not so much of where he was born, but rather of critical influence is where he was politically educated.

His Chicago style politics is not play'n well in many circles. In fact as the putrid aroma of Chicago style politics is being discovered more and more in Illinois, the play coverage is worse than many imagined.

Former governor "Blago" is only the tip of the iceberg whose show embarrassing will not go away.

Even the liberal left is turn'n on him in some instances. They are a discover'n his propensityto deal underhandedly is beyond imagination.

If'n Obama's climate change legislation becomes law it will likely have more impact on farmers and ranchers than any previous farm bill. Most of it being on the negative side.

The same is true of his health care proposals try'n to be ramroded down Americans throats. Many are beginning to examine his proposals and find'n it doesn't cover the uninsured until 2013. It also is discovered that it won't bring down costs and will only cover about 10 million people.

The president and his party have already caved in to the drug companies on reimporting Canadian drugs, on negotiating drug prices downward, and on generics.

The president and his party have received more money from private insurers and the for-profit health care industry than even Republicans, with the Chicago style president alone taking $19 million in the 2008 election cycle alone. This is more than all his Republican, Democratic, and independent rivals combined.

The president's plan is funded in part with cuts in Medicare and Medicaid. He has spent more time and energy silencing and excluding the advocates of single payer health care and is trying to make the argument about himself instead of discussion on the merits of his policy.

The truth is Barack Obama campaigned as the candidate of change. Most folk never imagined that change was gravitating so strongly toward socialism and centralized control of our every day lives. Chicago folk recognize what's happening and its the same ole Chicago style politics.

As congress is now in recess, many of the politicians are canceling their town hall type staged meetings. Thus far the supporters of Obama have not fared so well at these meetings and they are finding democrat liberal party leaders are out of line with mainstream America and they are very angry.

Catch ya Later

Barnyard Bruke