The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The Two Pieces Of Wood

By Elaine Slater Reese

[ Elaine Reese is a freelance writer in Spring Green, Wi. She grew up in the Hancock County area. ]

Not far from where I live, a huge new bridge is being built over the river. I am not usually at all interested in engineering, but this does have my attention.

It is amazing to see how trucks can haul in such gigantic beams. All types of equipment are moving around in the river itself as progress continues. I cannot imagine the cost of this project. The new bridge will not serve its purpose forever, but for a number of years.

And I wonder-if the woods could talk:would it be the tallest and strongest tree saying? "I am the chosen one. I have been selected to be the cross where that man Jesus will be crucified."

Or would the frailest, small tree be heard saying, "Of all the trees, I do not know why I have been chosen. Why will the Savior be hung on me, nails pounded into my unappreciated wood? My dry wood is cracked. The insects have fed on me for years. Maybe my ugly appearance is even more of the plot to shame him-a king on such a cross as this."

Skyscrapers, space ships, gigantic bridges cost millions of dollars. Huge numbers of equipment and workers are required for them to be functional.

How ironic that just two simple pieces of wood (whether strong or frail), a few nails, a hammer, and one man were all that was required for the greatest life-changing event in history.

These were what it took to kill the Son of God. He died on that cross. His purpose in death was to forgive you-to forgive me of all wrong so that we might spend eternity in Heaven with the Lord.

He rose again to reign forever. We are given the choice. We make it a point to acknowledge Jesus Christ as our Savior or we simply ignore the sacrifice He made.