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West Central High School 2009 National Honor Society Induction Ceremony

-by Mrs. Alta Mae Brokaw, Advisor

West Central High School National Honor Society induction ceremony was held on March 23, 2009 for nineteen new members.

Julianna Gillam, President of the National Honor Society, welcomed parents, relatives, and friends to the ceremony. She shared some of the activities the members participated in throughout the year.

Mr. Ralph Grimm also welcomed everyone in attendance. He expressed his appreciation of the examples the National Honor Society members show throughout the year. He congratulated the new inductees on their accomplishment.

Ms. Lauren Gerst and Mr. Andy Schisler, entertained the audience with a vocal duet "Homeward Bound", accompanied by Mrs. Barbara Gray.

Dr. Lonnie Brent, President of the West Central Community Unit District #235 School Board was our speaker, He is employed as Senior Director of Professional and Medical Services of Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America. Dr. Brent is also involved in several businesses, including the Brent Family Pharmacy and Silver Scent Products.

Mr. Brent stressed the importance of the criteria which these students represent as members of the National Honor Society.

SCHOLARSHIP means a commitment to learning. Knowledge is both necessary and useful.

It can be acquired in only one way, and that is through diligence and effort.

Learning furnishes the lamp by which we read the past, and the light, which illuminates the future.

CHARACTER is the force with in each individual which distinguishes that person from others.

When it is good, it must arise from high ideals, clean living, and clean thinking.

Strength of character is the force that guides us through life.

LEADERSHIP in its highest sense is not simply an outgrowth of a vigorous and pleasing personality.

In order to benefit mankind, it must proceed from unselfish motives, from a strong character, and from a self informed mind.

It requires a constant denial of self and a genuine affection for mankind.

SERVICE: To serve is to work, to help, to use one's talents, not for himself alone, but for others as well.

One who serves much of himself and gives willingly truly serves others.

The Induction Ceremony began with President, Julianna Gillam, Vice President, Ashley Coffey, Secretary, Rachel Sams, Treasurer, Ashley Dye, and members, Miriam Rutzen, and Justin Allaman.

They reviewed the Mission Statement and Seven Qualities of a National Honor Society member, and the criteria required for a membership: Character, Leadership, Service, and Scholarship.

During the Induction Ceremony the present members the following members welcomed the new inductees:

Seniors- Justin Allaman, Elizabeth Bundy, Ashley Coffey, Ashley Dye, Lauren Gerst, Benjamin Hawk, Julianna Gillam, Miriam Rutzen, and Rachel Sams, and

Juniors- Samantha Arnold, Erin Bavery, Shelby Crawford, Justine Dillard, Kayla Hinshaw, Kendra Kelly, and Janelle Turner.

They new inductees are:


Morgan Hubbard, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hubbard


Logan Brueck, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gary Brueck

Mike Lewis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Lewis

Luci Lox, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Lox

Andrew Postle, son of Mr. and Mrs. Scott Postle


Stephanie Ackermann, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Todd Ackermann

Hannah Allaman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tim Allaman

Rachael Allaman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Allaman

Mary Brokaw, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Brokaw

Taylor Cupps, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cupps

Alexis Foster, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Vancil

Cherokee Hartman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hartman

Brock Heap, son of Mrs. Tamara Heap and Mr. Brian Heap

Eric Hilligoss, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Hilligoss

Emily Kage, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kage

Jadee Landers, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Landers

Mary Lewis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Lewis

Hillary Pence, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Pence

Samuel Sanning, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dave Sanning

At this time members of the audience, who had become members of the National Honor Society from any other recognized secondary school, as well as honorary members. were invited to join the present members and the new inductees to renew the National Honor Society pledge.

The new inductees came forward and lite their candle to seal their pledge.

At this point, the new inductees were declared members of the West Central Community Unit School District #235 National Honor Society.

At the closing of their ceremony, Mr. Philip Geiser presented each of the new inductees with a letter of congratulations on their accomplishment.

Mr. Geiser again thanked everyone in attendance and invited them to the reception.

NEW INDUCTEES into the National Honor Society at West Central High School are pictured from left:

Andrew "Drew" Postle - Luci Lox - Logan Brueck - Morgan Hubbard - Mike Lewis - Stephanie Ackermann - Hannah Allaman - Rachael Allaman - Mary Brokaw - Taylor Cupps - Alexis Foster - Cherokee Hartman - Brock Heap - Emily Kage - Eric Hilligoss - Jadee Landers - Mary Lewis - Hillary Pence, and Sam Sanning