The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Basketball Contestants Were Getting A Kick Out of It!

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher

The West Central High School teams had their t-shirt slogan a little backwards last Saturday night- "We're Going To Kick Your".

The small ill-tempered white donkey that traveled in a group all the way from Ohio, seemed to have a few kicks of his own to out-do the riders as he punched one want-to-be-rider, a hard kick in the leg and tossed Principal Phil Geiser to the floor. "It was just a good thing I had a helmet on," he stated later.

It seemed the students were getting "a kick" out of their principal being out-smarted by a donkey. Stubborn they were.

It seemed, the bigger the donkey, the easier the ride as Coach Arnold trotted his donkey down and made a nice toss to the basket from a large brown burrell with ease, using one hand.

Four teams from the Faculty, the FFA, the Alumni, and the Student Council gave it their best shot which was won in the championship game by the FFA students.

It was hysterical to watch, and all for a very fun evening of entertainment, lots of laughs, with a good crowd.

There were a lot of good sports willing to take the challenge of riding a few kickin' donkeys to help the cause of the sponsors West Central Student Council and West Central FFA.

The event raised more than $1800 and is to be split between the Henderson County Food Pantries and West Central Marquee Landscaping Fund.

Principal Phil Geiser tosses the ball to Darrell Gittings, FFA Advisor as West Central staff challenges the alumni.