The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Meet Your Neighbor

by Jenna Clayton, Quill Reporter

Meet your neighbor Elyce Trout, born and raised in La Harpe.

She is the daughter of Randy and Denise Trout.

Trout currently attends La Harpe Jr. High. Her favorite things about jr. high is playing sports and being with her friends.

She was born on Christmas eve in 1995 in Macomb. She and her family have always lived in La Harpe.

She says, "My parents have taught me to always try my hardest and have fun in everything that I do."

Her grandparents, Jean Mershon and the late Terry Mershon and Roger and Carolyn Trout, play a huge role in her life. They are always there to give her advice. She is very thankful for her family as they are extremely important to her.

Trout loves to play sports, bake and eat. She plays volleyball, basketball and softball. In volleyball she recently set some serving records in the 7-2A class and also in the all time rally scoring records, "I could NOT have done it without my teammates!" she says. The seventh grade volleyball girls also broke several records this year.

Trout is thrilled to have been a part of La Harpe/Dallas City volleyball team this year. She was a big part of the girls winning the State Championship title. And also was a part of winning Regionals with her softball team and going on to Nationals.

She is involved in Student Council, High Honors Group, and Who's Who Among American Students at school. She is well-loved by her classmates as well as her teammates. She keeps a good attitude about everything she is involved in.