The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1919 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross
Registrar for Daniel McMillan Chapter, N.S.D.A.R.1919

Stronghurst Graphic, Dec. 4, 1919 

THANKSGIVING WEDDING DAY: Mr. Lyman Ross and Miss Esther Curry, two of this community's best known young people surprised their many friends by quietly slipping away to Monmouth last Thursday morning, Nov.27 where they were united in marriage at 10:30 a.m. by Rev. A.L.Graham at his home, 924 East Euclid Ave.  They were accompanied by Miss Kathryn McCrery of Little York, Ill. and Miss Margaret Rankin and Mr. Chas. F. Heisler of this vicinity. 

The bride wore a navy blue tailored suit with shoes, gloves and hat to correspond.

Both the bride and groom grew up in this community and have been prominent in its social activities for the past few years.  The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.H.Curry.  She is a graduate of the Stronghurst High School and of Monmouth College, having finished the course in the latter mentioned institution with the class of 1918.  Since her graduation she has been employed as assistant bookkeeper in the Stronghurst State Bank.  She has been active in the young people's work and in the Sabbath school of the United Presbyterian church and in her varied activities has won the esteem of a large circle of friends here and elsewhere.

The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Will Ross of Terre Haute Township.  He has taken a course in Agriculture at Ames University in Iowa.  During the recent war, he served in the U.S.Navy, receiving his honorable discharge a few months ago.

The happy couple is enjoying a brief honeymoon in Chicago where they will attend the International Livestock Show now in progress.  After Feb. 1st they will be at home to their friends at Pinehurst Farm, 4 miles northwest of Stronghurst.

NEW ROAD IN HENDERSON COUNTY: The Monmouth Atlas of Dec. 3 had the following to say in regard to the decision of the state highway commission regarding the location of the proposed bond issue road in Henderson County: "It will follow the angling road from Monmouth to Kirkwood, but will leave that road when it comes to the railroad crossing at the Pape farm and a new right of way will be built on the other side of the track so that the road will not cross it.  The road will not run through Kirkwood, but will be built on the highway just on the east side of town to the road running south of Kirkwood about a mile, thence straight west toward Biggsville past the Tinkham farm.  Other farms that will be passed are those of S.M.Oaks, J.N. Gridley, A. L. Brown, Mrs. C. H. Edwards, Samuel Glenn, William Sloan and C. Menchoff.  A new right of way will be constructed through Adam Sloan's land.

It passes the Francis Gibb corner, then on the west past the George Jamison farm, past Ora Smith's, the Miller-Bowen land, the A.A.Renwick farm, W.A.Stevenson's, William Whiteman and A. W. Martin.  From the A. W. Martin corner it angles north and west toward Gladstone and passes to the south of Gladstone about three fourth of a mile.

There will have to be about a mile of new right of way just as the road enters Kirkwood.  There will be a little new road just south of Biggsville.  From a mile and a half south of Gladstone as the road follows the railroad to Crystal Lake crossing and from there to the river it will be all a new right of way.  But the land is level most of the way and there will be but few grades.

Some think that there is a chance that the road may be changed and run south a half mile at the James Stevenson corner and then straight west to the railroad through Coloma and past the W.T.Weir Fruit Farm. 

This is a gradual slope and it is said would make a splendid road.  This opinion seems to be based on the remarks of a man who is said to be in the confidence of the state commissioners and who foretold that the route would run as have been announced. 

A SOCIAL EVENING: Mrs. H.D. Lovitt entertained with a birthday dinner at her home Wednesday evening in honor of her daughter, Mrs. E. Beardsley. 

Eight of Mrs. Beardsley's lady friends were present.  A very sumptuous three course dinner was served after which cards were enjoyed.  Mrs. Lawrence Lynch won the prize with the highest score. 

1894 GRAPHIC: I. N. Jones sold his restaurant in Gladstone and was preparing to move to Stronghurst.  As a result of a religious awakening in the village of Carman, a new Baptist Church was being organized.  Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Mathers, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Rankin and daughter Lizzie, Mr. and Mrs. John Millan of Biggsville and Miss Mary Richey of Stronghurst left for Southern California to spend the winter. 

***OBITUARY***MRS. SUSAN MORROW: Mrs. Susan Morrow, who had been a sufferer for an extended period from heart trouble, passed away at her home in the village on Nov.28th following a paralytic stroke which occurred about a week previous.

Susan Alice Dice was born in McDonough County, Ill. Nov.2, 1874.  On Dec.20, 1894 she married Mr. C.D.Morrow, who was for a time engaged in the jewelry business in Stronghurst and whose death occurred Dec.4, 1907. 

She leaves to mourn her departure, one daughter, Mrs. Marie Agnes Staley, one sister, Miss Marie Dice, both of this place and one brother, C.J.Dice of Leadville, Colo. who was unable to attend the funeral.  Two little grandchildren, Agnes and Ralph Hall Staley, Jr. are also numbered amongst the relatives left behind.  Mrs. Morrow united with the Christian Church about 25 years ago.  Funeral services were conducted there with interment in the village cemetery.

THANKSGIVING DAY REUNION: One of the enjoyable Thanksgiving Day social events in this vicinity as the family reunion and dinner held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Steffey in this village.  The guest numbering 32 in all were Mrs. T.D.Steffey and family, Elzie Gilliland and family, Harry Winter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Steffey of Stronghurst, H.V.Steffey of Queen City, Mo, Chet Steffey and family, Blaine Phelps and wife and daughter Opa, Emery Steffey and wife of Basco, Ill., Chas. Steffey and family and Mildred Berlin of Dallas City.

All the living brother and sisters of Mr. Steffey were present except Mrs. Ada Winter of Maysville, Mo., who sent a profusion of beautiful flowers for the occasion. 

All of the children and grandchildren of the host and hostess were also present with the exception of Prof. Arthur Steffey and family of Ames, Ia.

OLENA OBSERVATIONS: The weather is quite cool with some snow.  Farmers in this neighborhood are most all through gathering corn and are turning their attention to butchering and hauling in a supply of wood to meet the coal emergency. 

A social contest is now being held in the Sunday school: the senior class representing the Army versus the junior class representing the Navy.  Each receive new recruits each Sabbath day and it is possible to make one point for attendance, one for collection, one for study of the lesson and 3 points for the one who brings in a new recruit.  The class gaining the most points is the gainer and the losing side furnishes the eats.  Mr. H.L.Lant is the superintendent and is back on duty. 

Roscoe Deitrick was so unfortunate as to loose a good milk cow, which had gotten into a cornfield and ate too much corn.  Clas Carlson and Robert McCartney have been quite indisposed the past few weeks with lumbago.  Mrs. Joel Marsden, who recently underwent a surgical operation in Burlington hospital, is getting along as well as could be expected.  Mr. and Mrs. Anderson of Burlington, Iowa ate Thanksgiving dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Carlson west of the village.  Mr. Anderson is a brother of Mrs. Carlson.  Mr. and Mrs. Gibson of Carman neighborhood, who recently sold their farm to Mr. Jesse Hicks, say they are going to locate in Galesburg.  The village school will give an entertainment and box supper in the near future.  Wedding bells will ring around Santa Claus time.

CARMAN CONCERNS: Mrs. Joe Coats received word of the death of her sister, Mrs. Nora (Brewer) Thompson of Kansas City.  She leaves a husband and a little daughter, her father, Mr. George Brewer, and several sisters and brothers to mourn for her.  The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Willis Hand born in Burlington has since died and the remains were brought here for burial.  Mrs. Clyde Babcook and two children of Canada are visiting relatives in Burlington and came down for a visit with Clyde's parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Babcook.  Miss Gladys McCannon of Burlington visitor her aunt, Mrs. Eliza Parry and uncle, George McCannon and family.  Mrs. Ed Kemp of West Branch, Iowa spent Thanksgiving with her mother, Mrs. Robert Gillis.  Tom Cogswell and family moved to the G.W.Howell property.  The quarantine was lifted at the George Marsden home for scarlet fever and Paul has started to school.  The marriage of Miss Forrest Cowdrey of Rock Island to Mr. James Corrigan of Mechanicsville, N.Y. took place at Detroit, Mich. Nov. 24th.  After a wedding trip in the East, they will return to Detroit to live where Mr. Corrigan is an inspector for the Cadillac automobile works.

GLADSTONE GLEANINGS: Mr. Harry Randall and sister, Mrs. Carrie Lashbrook spent Sunday in Media at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Will McIntyre.  Dr. B.L.Ditto and Miss Hazel Ellison spent Sabbath at Seaton, Ill. with the doctor's mother.  Fred Pence is quite ill at his home with sciatic rheumatism. 

MEDIA MEANDER-INGS: Mr. and Mrs. E .G. Lewis attended the International at Chicago.  Mrs. Olin Palmer has been in critical condition at the Burlington Hospital. Lyle Galbraith of Smithshire has been sawing wood for a number of people in town. 

LOCAL AND AREA NEWS: Mrs. A.D.Armstrong has replaced her husband as the local new reporter for the paper as he has taken a position as bookkeeper for the Thompson and Reynolds garage. Mrs. Sam Black of Olena is reported very sick.  Miss Ruth Foote of Chicago visited with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jay Foote.  James Hicks is excavating for a new furnace for his home and also building a new addition on the south side of the house. Mrs. Charles Kaiser, Mrs. B.G.Widney, Miss Opal Stine and Dr. and Mrs. I.F.Harter attend "The White Shrine" at Galesburg Friday evening.  C.E. Peasley returned from Whiteside County where he spent a week in the interest of the state wide campaign for members for the Illinois Agricultural Association.  He reports that practically all of the farmers there are joining.  Mrs. George Shafer and son Clifton and daughter, Eva, attended a Victrola Musicale at Burlington.  When running their car out of a garage another car ran against their car causing a leak in their gasoline tank, which they did not notice until they reached the bridge.  They had to return to the garage and were detained at Burlington until Saturday.  Richard Peasley, who is attending Knox College, spent Thanksgiving with home folks.  O.J.Sanderson attended the International Stock Show in Chicago for two days. d Stine and Bert Walker attended the event too. 

Mr. Emmet Milliken has purchased the residence on Mary St. recently purchased by John Shaw from J.W.Stine and he intends moving into the same from the farm shortly.  Mr. Shaw has purchase the property now occupied by Mr. Stine, the former Perry Cooper place. Tom Morgan installed a Johnson Oil Heater in the furnace.  J.R.Marshall arrived from Minnesota visit old neighbors and friends.  The ladies of the Community Club have purchased a piano for use at their community sings and other meetings.  Frank Keener, while sawing wood one day with his steam saw, escaped what might have been a serious accident by slipping out of his coat after it had caught in the saw and his arm was being drawn in close proximity to the teeth of the saw.  Sheriff McDill and Deputy James Devore left for Columbus, Ohio to bring back Chester Lee Findley, who was arrested there.  Young Findley is wanted in this county for the theft some time ago of an auto belonging to Howard Cooper of Bald Bluff. 

(In this issue is a list of World War I soldiers and sailors that was to be put on bronze tablet in the Court House by the Henderson County war Service league.  Need a list of veterans? Go to the Henderson County Library and print out the microfilm for this issue, Dec.4, 1919)