The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Christmas Is Almost Here

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

December 17, 2007

Could it be, Christmas will be here next week.

My suggestion, if you haven't already, shop close to home. You will find your local folks are eager to serve you and it will help the economy in your town, county, and state.

And if you don't, then who in the world will?

It will help our schools our courthouse, our roads, and we will see this wise decision return to us in many ways.

Someone was saying how they can save a few bucks in a chain store, but in the long run, gas to get there and what it takes back out of our communities is really costing us more to shop the big chain stores.

Isn't the snow beautiful even if it does bring about a lot of cold and work for city employees and highway crews. I notice every now and then, some cars skidding around on the empty town streets late at night.

I guess it is just too tempting for them.

I remember the kids in my era, doing the same thing once in a while.

I wonder what kids did in the horse and buggy era.

I guess with no cell phones, or text messaging, no one would ever know.

I hope if you do dare to get out in the cold, you take time to see all the beautiful Christmas lights folks have around.

And of course, you must go to Gladstone and see the big lay-out of Byron and Alice Sebastian's upon the bluff on the road to South Henderson Church. Make sure you pack the car and take the kids and grandkids.

There is a place to drop off letters to Santa near the top of the drive and Mrs. Claus or Santa is sure to answer each and every one.

If anyone can spare the time, the nursing homes can use some volunteers and the ambulance services are always looking for EMTs and more volunteers.

Maybe you can consider giving the gift of time.

In addition, please put all these folks who serve us in your prayers including those who serve in the military or do mission work abroad like William Woods in Russia.

There are a lot of good cause we can help out with.