The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The Return of The "Land of Lincoln"

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

October 29, 2008

The Lincoln Reception & Tea, held Friday at the La Harpe Methodist Church, gathered 100 enthusiastic guests anxious to meet the premier impersonators for 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln and his wife Mary Todd Lincoln.

Max and Donna Daniels of Wheaton have been traveling the "Trails of Lincoln," and wherever else summoned, leaving people spellbound and asking, "Did we just actually meet President and Mrs. Lincoln?" They were so knowledgable, so upright, so kind, and what a heart that President has for his country and for the people of this great land." What is it that is missing today in Illinois, this "Land of Lincoln?"

When I traveled to the Carthage Courthouse and saw the honor given to their 100 year old building that brought justice to so many, it was touching. Everything was there but the huge crowds of people that had traveled to its early dedication 100 years prior. Today, many have forgotten the importance of a just land, that our ancestors sacrificed for.

Abe and his wife returned through actors to rekindle our patronage for this Land of Lincoln and for America, urging belief in God as well as wise participation in the election process choosing ethical leaders to keep America just and strong.