The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Taking Your Own Advice

By Mitch Worley, Quill Reporter

August 27, 2008

Since the middle of January, I've been bringing you weekly tips and words of wisdom to improve you, the reader's quality of life through my Editorials and feature articles.

Unfortunately, this will the be last chance I have to do so as I will be moving on to a new endeavor, so I hope this last word I write to you will serve as the most profound of all.

Everyone always has an opinion on how to make someone else's life easier, but rarely do you see that practice being applied to the life of the person making these suggestions.

The fact is, people that give that kind of advice are subconsciously giving it to themselves and not listening to what they are saying.

Whether we're too dumb, too proud, or just don't care, we ignore what we are trying to tell ourselves.

Truthfully, I think it's a reaction of fear.

We're in our comfort zone and we don't want to change unless we absolutely have to.

It's a little bit of laziness combined with our human nature to shy away from things that are out of the ordinary in our lives.

Although I have received high praise for these kinds of articles, I see myself from time to time being the person that I am always trying to get people to change from.

Recently, I have had too much on my plate with work, school, and everything else: unable to "live the dream" as I like to say.

It's not about completely abandoning everything for any period of time and letting everything go, living the dream is balancing work and play with the important aspects in life such as friends and family in the maximum amount of free time you can allot yourself responsibly.

No one should stay up and work sleepless nights, only to go to school or right back to work upon completing the task.

The only time people should stay up all night is for important purposes like talking to friends on the phone, playing video games, seeing how many times you can stand to watch the re-runs of Sports Center and Baseball Tonight, and dreaming about the great things you have to look forward to in your life.

As my final piece of advice to all of you, look at yourself in the mirror when you're giving advice because more than likely, the better part of you knows it's time for a change and your life could be so much better if you step outside your comfort zone and let things happen for you so you can learn to live life to the max.