The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Hats Off To Our Leaders

by Dessa Rodeffer, Publisher

July 16, 2008

They say, if you want great kids, surround them with greatness. I think those of us who are lucky enough to raise our children in Hancock and Henderson County have done just that. There are a lot of great people who live, work, and contribute here. There is not space enough to mention the hundreds of wonderful role models in our midst who pave the way for our children, for they are around every corner, but I especially want to salute the two heroes-Seth Bundy and Jerrod Nichols- who went into flood waters to save Amos Woods on the 4th of July, and salute the rescue workers who drop everything to attend to emergencies, and Marty Lafary and Levee Commissioners and Disaster Relief volunteers for their endless hours of service, along with organizers of fairs, pageants, 4th of July celebrations, nursing home parties, scouting, coaches, and teachers. If you haven't already, point out to the next generation that money comes and goes, but great rewards come from serving others.