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Get Rich Quick

by Mitch Worley

July 2, 2008

I don't like to take shots at people, but since he feels the need to do it to me and everyone else who claims ANY form of religious affiliation, I feel I'm well within my right to fire back, albeit he'll never see this article.

How many people have heard of Bill Maher? I had never heard of this man until I saw a commercial for his senseless show on HBO called "Politically Incorrect" about five years ago, and to this day I wouldn't consider him a mainstream Hollywood-type.

The long and short of his popularity boils down to the fact that he's dear friends with Playboy's beloved Editor-In-Chief, Hugh Hefner, and he swears and makes raunchy remarks about controversial topics that usually pertain to political matters.

He's also known for his numerous relationships with women that are way out of his sleazy league, which is mind-boggling also in the sense that he's not the prototypical face of male beauty.

A few days ago, I stumbled upon a recent stand-up comedy event on HBO that Maher was featured in that left me even more stupid than I already was (which I know is next to impossible), as he waxed poetic about why people with religious beliefs are idiots, and blamed every problem this country has had on the Republican party.

First of all, I don't claim an official affiliation to a political party to vote solely on traditional presuppositions we think we can place upon all members of specific parties, and I see lots of problems on both sides of the coin.

You show me a politician on any platform that has never lied, cheated, made a mistake on policy, or done questionable things to ultimately play to their advantage, and I'll shrink three feet, let my foot hair grow ridiculously long, and move to New Zealand (AKA Middle Earth if you're a fan of the Lord of the Rings series) and become a Hobbit.

Second, this tirade on religion of his was out of control.

I'm glad HBO sees fit to waste programming dollars to support a man that is bashing one of the main ideals that inspired our forefathers to break away from England in the first place.

If you don't believe in any specific religion, congratulations, but who is he or anyone else for that matter to call out a great majority of this country and say we're fools for exercising the freedom men died for to set this country apart and make it great?

I'll stick to being middle-class the rest of my life and enjoying a worth-while life, rather than selling myself out by trodding down the path of debauchery that most all have to travel to get and sustain notoriety within our country and make a great deal of money in the process.

To Bill Maher, get a life.

To everyone else, keep living the dream and don't let some no-name Hollywood D-lister make you feel like less of a person for utilizing the liberties and freedoms we have had passed down to us from the likes of Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin.