The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Proud Of "The Heat"

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

February 20. 2008

There is still snow on the fields, and we still have wind chills around zero, but we have arrived at a sure sign of spring: basketball season in the county is pretty much over.

We can look at the won-lost records and we can recall key plays that turned the tide either in favor of our teams or against our boys and girls. But the season really boils down to one essential element: the young men and women who played basketball for our high school learned a great deal more than increased knowledge of basketball skills.

Time after time those young people displayed a deep-from-within enthusiasm and energy that showed not just an interest in the game but a passion for doing their best.

Time after time they put personal ambition aside for the betterment of the team.

Time after time they summoned the will to do more than they had done in the past.

What they learned was the development of character and team.

They learned the discipline of following the coach's instructions and the discipline of perfecting plays during practice night after night.

Their effort was not lost on West Central fans.

Followers of both the girls and the boys teams got the thrill of watching young men and women learn to work together.

Fans also were treated to plenty of wins to reward the players and the audience both.

True, not every team can be a state champion, but our county's players should hold their heads high because they achieved not only great seasons, but also great accomplishments - accomplishments on the court and within their hearts.

We will not reach all the goals that we set throughout life, but the failure isn't in that, but it is in our refusing to even try.

When we give our all to reach an admirable goal, we will rise, as The Heat, to receive an even greater reward, the love and admiration of our peers.

"The Heat," we are so proud of each one of you.

God bless each and every one!