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Spotlight: Pre-Schoolers Learn Of Harvest APPLES and KIDS

Fall is the time of year when harvest takes place. And the LaHarpe Pre-K students had their own special harvest day on Thursday, September 18.

Thursday morning the class walked to the home of Denise Neff Brown where they harvested shiny red apples from the large tree in her backyard.

After learning all about apples throughout the week, they knew that the proper way to pick an apple is to twist the stem gently.

After returning to the class-room, everyone enjoyed a tasty fresh apple for a snack.

On Friday the Pre-K students diligently worked with their teachers to make homemade applesauce.

The students assisted in turning the handle on the apple corer/slicer and then waited while the applesauce cooked in the crockpot.

Monday, the students made their own biscuit apple pies. Mrs. McKeown then joined the class in sampling the delicious mini apple pies.

This was a learning experience where the students truly enjoyed the fruits of the labor.

Xavier peeling apples

Young Sawyer learns to twist the apple when harvesting.