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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: "If'n you burn yer' tail, you just hafta' sit on th' blister"

Greetings to all in Western Illinois. I'm a hopin' everyone is making a smooth transition from summer's activities to fall's activities.

This is such a good time of the year. Much of the garden has been put away into the "root cellar" with a goodly portion eat'n as time went along.

It's time to be a mak'n applesauce and, oh, it is so good and fresh this time of the year. It's a little early for mak'n the best "apple juice", however.

Those trips to Weir's Fruit Farm are a memory building family event.

Even though we have our own orchard with pears, apples of several different varities, plum, peach, and apricots, we still like to journey to Weir's Orchard for the pleasure it brings.

Besides, they are right nice folk up there, and always have time for some friendly visiting.

Corn harvest has started already up toward Smithshire, Kirkwood, Little York, and elsewhere in Illinois and Iowa.

Early reports are of good yields exceeding 200 bushel per acre. One report was 225 bushel per acre, another at 240 bushel per acre, number 2 dry corn over the scales.

This is good news if'n the yields hold out at above average, cause input expenses has gone out'a sight.

Much to do nowadays about the economic condition of the country.

The politicians are about as good with solutions as "a hog on ice" (going in all directions).

There is much to do over failed-firms leaders receiving millions of dollars in retirement benefits when stockholders get worthless paper.

"You can't git blood outta' a turnip," I have always been told.

So, if a company goes broke, how do they pay $100 million or so to the man who caused it, or at least piloted them when they went broke?

Maybe that's why the governments steps in, to see that them poor chaps don't go home penniless. After all, that would be quite a change in lifestyle.

I received several comments about last week's e-mail on, "How to Catch Wild Pigs". Myself, I'll make no comments regardin' the literary piece except to say, "It was very thought provk'n".

Cornelius shared the article on catch'n wild pigs to one of his liberal relatives, who lives in the big city.

The relative was offended and accused ole Cornelius of advocating a cut in Social Security.

Maybe even, it was supposed, try'n to cut out Social Security all together!

It was then shown to one of his conservative rural neighbors.

That person reasoned the article demonstrated good cause for him to vote for the Libertarian party.

He explained, "If'n you burn yer' tail, you just hafta' set on th' blister".

So you figure it for your own self. I'm a guess'n everyone looks at situations just a little bit differently depend'n on their own bias.

Some see a glass of water one-half full and others see it as one-half empty. All look'n at the same glass.

As for my part, I'm gonna reflect on the wild hog catch'n technique a spell longer.

"If'n' there ain't no tomorrow, there won't be no need for any further action".

Happy birthday up in the north country, to Gene Fassett, who is 90 years young and continues to work steadily sell'n real estate and compiling appraisals.

He don't let no grass grow under his feet!

Congratulations Gene!

Catch ya later
Barnyard Bruke