The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Meet Your Neighbor

By Susan Galbraith, Quill Staff

Meet your neighbor Josh Harris of Galesburg.

Josh is the new P.E. teacher at West Central Middle School in Stronghurst. Josh was born in Macomb and raised in Cuba, IL.

He graduated from Cuba High school in 1998 and received a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education in 2003 and a second Bachelors in Physical Education in 2006.

He is married to Kara who is a trained beautician and LPN.

They have one son Rylee (3), and are expecting a baby in December.

His parents are Tanya and Lyle who live in Canton. Tanya works at Keystone and Lyle is a backhoe operator. He has one stepbrother, Jason Thurman

Josh is busy this time of year, as the President's Fitness Challenge is underway in his P.E. classes.

It involves many areas of fitness including a mile run, short shuttle run, pushups, flexed arm hang, pullups, and sit and reach.

If the student ranks in the top 50%, in all categories, they are then part of the Presidents Fitness Challenge and those in the top 95% receive an award, certificate and patch and are named in the National Competition.

Josh enjoys spending time with his family, disk golf, and basketball.

When he was employed by a music store he visited Cancun and Puerta Viarta. Family vacations are spent traveling to Kansas to visit Kara's family.