The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Meet Your Neighbor

by Jenna Clayton, Quill Reporter

Meet your neighbor, Anita Brown, born in Macomb, raised in Colchester, the daughter of Tom and Eloise Nelson.

Anita is married to Ken Brown, the mayor of La Harpe. They have two children, Brian and Jolyn, and five wonderful grandchildren.

She graduated from Colchester High School and attended a beauty school in Quincy to be hairdresser.

She remembers growing up being close to her neighbors, the Milikins. They were an elderly couple that Anita and her brother and sister spent a lot of time with when they were young.

The Milikins made a big impression on Anita's childhood; she is thankful for their example and remembers that they were like grandparents to her.

Anita says that the best day of her life was her wedding day in May of 1969.

Some of Anita's hobbies include planting flowers and landscaping (which she has done at the welcome signs into La Harpe and around the Village Hall), and reading (especially about the presidents), and being with her grandkids. She is thrilled to have another new grandchild, Matthew who is three weeks old.

Anita attends the Union Church. And she loves La Harpe and the people who live here.

She sees so much potential for the town of La Harpe, and thinks, "if people would work together and figure out how to bring out the best of this little town it would be an even more wonderful place to live."