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Meet Your Neighbor

by Hande Burge Quill Reporter

Meet your neighbors, Rusty and Harley Palmer of La Harpe.

Rusty and Harley met 52 years ago at a dance at the Buckboard in California in January of 1956.

They were married in May, 5 months after they met.

Back then, Harley was in the Navy for 2 years. They lived in Lakewood, California only for a short time and then moved back to Illinois where Harley's family was from.

Between 1956 and 1985 they kept moving back and forth between Illinois and California. During this time they ran a motel with a gas station in Mono Lake, CA. Harley also worked as a mechanic and in upholstery.

Since they became quite experienced in moving across the country, they decided to move to Alaska in 1985 where they stayed for 7 years. Harley built their house in Alaska from ground up but they sold it in 1992 and moved back to Illinois, this time for good.

Rusty and Harley have 6 children, 10 grandchildren, 9 great grandchildren and a great great grandson.

Their biggest hobbies used to be square dancing and water skiing.

Rusty loves crocheting a lot and one of Harley's biggest hobbies is gardening. He did not garden this summer, but he usually gardens almost every summer.

Although they are now in Illinois to stay, they still enjoy going on long road trips across the country because they have a lot of family members and friends especially in Oregon, California and Arizona.

Just last Autumn they took another one of those wonderful trips to visit their son, Mike and his wife Tina in Oregon.