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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: A Pint Cain't Hold A Quart

Greetings to all in Mid-Western Illinois.

I'm a hopin' this letter finds you all refreshed and a rarin' for another week of good country live'n.

By now the various thresh'n reunions at Colchester-Argyle, Mount Pleasant, Stronghurst, and Pontiac are but pleasant memories.

I was always taught that there will be good times and bad.

"I reckon I've run round th' pot after th' handle longer than some" (a bit older than some), but when the bad times roll it's the "good memories" you draw on to last you through the tough goin's.

As youngins grow, you need to build up a bountiful supply of good memories with family outings, fun at home with ma and pa, fellowship with friends and neighbors, etc, etc.

These are the things remembered when things don't go our way, but help us to maintain a healthy attitude toward country liv'n.

This week, coming up is the Prime Beef Festival at Monmouth, the Lil-Spurs Rodeo at Fort Madison, IA, and the antique farming event at Viola, all takin' place for our enjoyment.

There's still time, with plenty of events, for more memory buildin' with the youngins, neighbors, and other family and friends.

I sometimes hear folk now and again sayin' there's noth'n to do here abouts? Well, I "spect those folk "cud' go to th' ocean an' not find water."

Last week, I wrote some on the old one room country school. One thing for sure that we was taught in those days was respect. It seems we had our share of parades and when the flag went by we took off our hat and placed our right hand over our heart. The teacher was always Mr., Mrs., or Miss and when we replied to a request, it was always "yes sir" or "no sir". We were taught many avenues of respect but name calling was especially forbidden.

Well, I was a readin' in a larger newspaper from a city to our north across the river, named after S.S. Phelps nickname, a sad report. You see, there is this feller who writes regular in the Letter to the Editor. He seems to always carry his shotgun at half-cock (chip on his shoulder lookin' for trouble) and "would complain even if he wuz hung with a new rope" (would complain no matter how good the circumstances).

This particular day, a while back, he had somethin' against a decision our current "President of these United States" had made and in the course of his rantin' and ravin' called the President an "Idiot."

Now, in readin' this man's outbursts and carryin's on in the past from all kinds of topics, even name callin' some folks as "retarded," I have long ago drawn the conclusion that he "was not able to say boo to a goose!" (he is inept)!

And I can make allowances for someone who was hidin' under the table when common sense and good manners was a handed out, but calling any President of the United States of America an "Idiot" is crossing the line, in my book.

The President represents our "Great Country," the best anywheres, anytime, in the world.

People has sacrificed, fought and died for this great country and the President and his office represents them all.

We should look beyond who the individual is, I was always taught, and honor the office holder for what he represents. Never mind whether you agree with any of his decisions or whether he is a Democrat or Republican, you honor the office!

My advice, to Mr. Know It All who likes to regularly stir up trouble and write nasty things, is that you can be thankful my ole teacher, Mrs. Dunbar, is no longer a livin'. Because if'n she was amongst the liv'n and was made awares of our shameful display of respect for our country, she would take a peach switch right smart to the seat of your britches and make you write 100 times on the chalk board, in lieu of recess: "I will show respect and honor to my country and it's President!"

After warshin' your mouth out with soap, she would sit you on a high stool, in a corner, in the front of the classroom with a "Dunce" hat on for a long enough period to allow for you to have learned your lesson well!!

I guess "A pint cain't hold a quart." (some people have only so much capability) So, I'm a guessin' "Mr. Smarty Pants" wouldn't be satisfied with Mrs. Dunbar's reaction to his nasty remark and would probably call 911 on her.

I wouldn't want to be the one to try and explain that fine state of affairs to Mrs. Dunbar, if'n she was alive today. And maybe that's part of our current problem!

Catch ya later
Barnyard Bruke