The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Meet Your Neighbor

by Jenna Clayton-Quill Reporter


Meet your neighbor Judy Stevenson, raised in La Harpe. She is the daughter of Harry and Kathy Bradley.

She has two sisters and one brother and remembers La Harpe as a wonderful place to grow up. She has many fun memories of growing up.

She graduated from La Harpe High School in 1979 and from Monmouth College in 1983. Stevenson and her husband, Jeff, have three children; a son, Trent who is 19, and two daughters, Taylor, 16, and Cicely, 8.

Mrs. Stevenson (as her students call her) is the Art teacher at Illini West High School. She is also the freshmen class sponsor and Art Club sponsor.

She is very popular among the students of Illini West. Her class is looked at as one of the most fun and enjoyable classes. Probably because students are allowed to freely express themselves through their art which they can't do in other classes.

Students throughout the school have often been heard quoting one of Stevenson's well known phrases, "always remember to close the lids on the markers ALL the way!"

Before teaching in Carthage, Stevenson taught for fifteen years in La Harpe. She said, "I've met lots and lots of interesting kids over the years." She loves teaching the high school kids at Illini West, but says she really misses the elementary kids.

Stevenson loves to paint, to draw and gardening. She and her family attend Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Dallas City.