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Village Of Biggsville Sets Trick or Treat

Biggsville Village Board has set Friday, October 31st as the annual Halloween Wiener Roast and Trick or Treat Night. THe Wiener roast will be from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. at Lindo Field and Trick or Treat will be from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

According to Trustee Marilyn Evans, The First State Bank of Biggsville will donate hot dogs and buns for the event.

The board met in regular session with President Dale Allenbaugh presiding and Trustees-Brian Cochran, Marilyn Evans, Jennifer Hopkins, Gloria Minard, Bob Onion and Brian Sterett present and with Treasurer-Gloria Jones and Clerk Frank Jones.

President Dale Allenbaugh opened the meeting by leading the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.

Dale Allenbaugh reported that West Central inquired on what their water and sewer rates would be if serviced by the Village of Biggsville.

President Allenbaugh reported the village has received two quotes for truck tires, one for $675.90 and the other for $960.00

Bills were ordered paid in the amount of $5,503.74.

Parks and Recreation-Dale Allenbaugh reported the committee is making plans for shutting down the parks for winter. The committee also discussed the need for hot water in the concession stand.

Allenbaugh passed around a letter from the village's insurance company pointing out the need for a safety surface under the play equipment.

Bob Onion reported all the broken equipment will be repaired. Plans are being made to harrow the ballpark infield.

Lights-The board discussed Christmas lights.

It was reported several thefts have occurred within the village.

Streets-Brian Cochran moved the village purchase the tires for $675.90 seconded by Jennifer Hopkins. All present voted yes.

Water-Dale Allenbaugh reported the bill from Jones Septic Service was a valve that popped at the pump house.

Sewer-Brian Cochran reports the lagoon is smelling mornings.

Zoning-Dale Allenbaugh reported that he, Gloria and Frank Jones had a meeting with the village attorney. The attorneys stated the village cannot discontinue the Zoning Board and a trustee cannot serve as Zoning Officer.

New Business

Taxing-Bonds-Loans-Property Issues-The president, clerk and treasurer worked with the attorney on tax assessments, bonds, loans, and property issues available to the village.

Tax levy's are available for payment of annual audits, lighting, and insurance.

Bond issues-Money can be borrowed for a bond issue and submitted annually as a tax levy on top of the current levy.

Loans-Repayment of loans for special needs can be added to the tax levy for this loan payment. A new maintenance shed loan would qualify for this.

Property Issues-What can be done with properties that need buildings demolished or weeds cut. The cleanest way for the village is to find a buyer rather than place a lien on the property for work completed. Chances are the ongoing bills would become worth more than the property.

Dale Allenbaugh will obtain the cost of a maintenance shed and check on the current interest rate.

Brian Cochran moved the village have the generator hooked up before winter, seconded by Brian Sterett. Roll was called and all present voted yes. Dale Allenbaugh will contact the electrician.

Dale Allenbaugh will send the property owner on West Main a registered letter asking to clean up his property to include removing the truck loaded with shingles.

Dale Allenbaugh read the annual contract renewal with TEST for the certified operator services. This contract increased $23.50 per month with the total contract amounting to $5,922. Marilyn Evans moved to renew the contract with TEST seconded by Gloria Minard. All voted yes.

It was approved to allow Dale Allenbaugh to purchase new Illinois Municipal handbooks.

The next regular meeting will be on Wednesday, November 5, 2008, at 7:00 p.m. at the Biggsville Community Building.

Frank H. Jones-Clerk