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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: "You Cain't Win, Ner Break Even, -You Cain't Even Quit th' Game"


Greetings to all in Western Illinois. May the cool wind of change blow on you favorably.

Harvest is pretty much in full swing around these parts by now, save an occasional rain shower.

Yields thus far are being reported to be above earlier expectations. Prices are well below expectations with reports that current prices do not cover projected costs of production for 2009.

I guess these lower prices satisfy the appetite of some of those who buy corn and soybeans.

A big share of this past summer demonstrated the unbridled greed of a few and how their efforts were exerted to beat back the prices farmers received.

Included in this list were:


The Grocery Manufacturers Association have been particularly vicious in attacking higher farm prices and mounted a $15 million campaign to smear what they considered the cause of the higher prices.

ADM and Cargill is associated with the Grocery Manufacturers Association and are now enjoying the fruits of their success.

I suppose by now, everyone is experiencing lower grocery prices due to lower corn prices?

It has been stated that "a dog returns to it's vomit".

Such is the case for farmers who reward the enemies of their past good prices by continuing to sell to those who would sink their ship. There are other choices in today's world.

But of course, I would not subscribe to that philosophy. I am only reporting the ranting and wailings of Cornelius Farkward, who follows these things closely.

He is concerned about low commodity prices. At the same time input costs are at all time highs. "It all seems dumber'n a barrel of hair!" he states.

Land prices over $6,000 per acre and in some places close to $8,000.

Cash rents soaring high enough to make an Eagle dizzy.

And, at the same time there are several reports of agents representing farmers way outside our area, contacting landowners and bidding up land on existing tenants.

Seed corn skyrocketing, fertilizer out of sight, chemical prices show little restraint. What is a person to do?

The state is several months behind on paying its bills and mostly broke.

Talk is of promoting our current governor to Illinois's traditional retirement home (prison), as has been the practice in the past, (Ryan, Walker).

And the political parties are squabbling between parties and within themselves, whilst "Rome burns".

And, all of this bailout stuff makes me dizzy.

Does anyone know what comes after a trillion? Better yet, what does one do with a $500 million retirement package?

It would seem to me that a person with "a mouth fulla' gimmes" has developed a habit that would be hard to break.

It seems now that "we're really skatin' on thin ice" and as my ole Paw used to say, "You cain't win, ner break even, -you cain't even quit th' game".

As for me, I'm a wait'n for another good ole "Indian Summer" sunset to put everyone's focus in the proper place.

Catch ya later

Barnyard Bruke