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Republican Women Celebrate 44 Years

Joan Siegworth of rural Lomax, was named by Republican Woman of the Year at the annual meeting of Henderson County Republicans. Two books were donated to the Henderson County Library in her honor.

The event was held at the Terre Haute Methodist Church Fellowship Hall.

Also at the meeting was State Representative Rich Myers who congratulated Siegworth on the honor and for her many dedicated hours of service to Republicans.

Myers gained his highest vote since he was elected to office, and was pleased to have a positive 66% of the vote in a Democratic year.

Myers commended the Republicans hard work such as Siegworth and said it has made a difference in precincts that had Republican women organizations working there.

Myers said there was some reasons for optimism for Republicans in the upcoming years. The House did lose 4 representatives but they picked up one leaving them down three. Republicans also picked up one seat in the Senate, he said.

"It's important to do all the work we can. You ladies are the core. Every county I did well in had a strong women's group."

Representative Myers encouraged women to continue the cause.

"If the current governor is still governor we're in great shape in the next election."

Bill Brady has announced he is seeking the governor's position, and he said several others are talking of running.

After a stroke two weeks ago, Minority Leader Senator Frank Watson, announced he is not going to run again.

"I assume Tom Cross is still going to be our House leader."

Myers said it was important for the Republican base to remain strong - hosting coffees - explain the strong Chicago influence and that we need representatives that understand downstate issues. Someone who sees the importance of state parks and historical sites and good roads that encourage tourism in our area. Someone that understands the importance of a cooperative extension and the Soil & Water conservation.

Myers hopes that a new map in 2010 that redraws the districts will assist "us" in getting downstate representation back and issues addressed.

In September 2009, it will be time to start circulating petitions and "We'll need your help," he said.

States Attorney Ray Cavanaugh, Circuit Clerk Sandra Keane, and Barb Lumbeck who is in a tie for a Henderson County Board seat, were also present along with other county officials.

Past presidents who were present are from left back: Barb Liston 85-86, Barb Lumbeck 93-94, Marcella Cisna 91-92, Joan White 71-72, Joan Siegworth 1999-2000, Jane Mohr 01-02; front row left: Vivian Pence 83-84, Joyce Louden 1975-76; 08-09; and Betty Quigley 79-80, and pictured separate at far left Julie Pence 05-06. Others were Burnetta Schweitzer 64-65, Elose Hutchinson 1966, Madelyn Miller 67-69, Dorothy Rowley 1970, Rosalee Melvin 73-74; Joyce Meloan 81-82, Nancy Reed 87-88; Donna Buss 95-96 and Mary Dunn 03-04.

Republican Women voted in the same slate of officers for a 2nd term. They were installed by Joan Siegworth, far left. From left: Vice President Judy Roessler, Media, President Joyce Louden, Stronghurst, Treasurer Barb Liston, Biggsville and Secretary Joan Gerling, Carman.