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Letter to Editor

40-year-old Methode Electronics Employee is Fighting Cancer

To The Editors:

Mark Hufendick, his wife and three children need help still. The 40-year-old Methode Electronics employee is fighting cancer.

His co-workers continue helping as much as they can despite losing their jobs and facing layoffs during Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Mark Hufendick Benefit Fund remains open through 28th of November at Marine Bank and Trust, 410 Buchanan Street, Carthage IL 62321.

Last September Mark's co-workers decided to host a benefit for the family. "With only two meetings we sparked so much interest and accomplished so much more than what we all expected," according to the benefit team.

A "theme basket" idea resulted in 41 baskets created by Methode's different departments. Flyers went out asking for help and donations.

The benefit was held 26th of October. Over 100 items were auctioned from throughout Hancock County and its collar-counties, including those in Iowa and Missouri.

"Over half of the people who attended the benefit were either current Methode employees or past employees from Golden and Carthage."

Mark has worked at both facilities and has garnered much respect and friendship from both plants.

The majority of those people who bid on auction items were the very people who helped to donate or gathered donations for the benefit," team members said. They raised over $26,000.

During it, one of the volunteer auctioneers called out, "This is what America is all about." That is what life on earth is all about. Maybe the universe, too. Only God knows."

I only know, I am grateful to live in an area with such fellow citizens.

I urge compassion from the rest of us as those Methode Electronic workers lose their jobs and are laid off.

I pray their Mexican and Chinese replacements are as compassionate.

P.L. Fooken