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West Central Holds May Board Meeting

At the Wednesday, May 21, 2008 West Central Community Unit School District #235 Board of Education meeting, Board President Lonnie Brent led all in the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag.

The following "Good News" items were highlighted:

The board approved the agenda with the addition of: G - North Campus Band Room Air Conditioning and extra curricular resignation item D-4 - Carrie Todd, 7th grade volleyball coach.

The board heard a report from Jim Rich, the CSC Envoy.

The Board approved policy revisions of the following policies:

#4:150 Operational Services - Facility management and Building Programs

#5:190 Professional Personnel - Teacher Qualifications

#6:30 Instruction - Organization of Instruction

#6:90 Instruction - Kindergarten (Deleted)

#6:210 Instruction - Instructional Materials

#7:100 Students - Health, Eye, and Dental Exams; Immunizations and Exclusion of Students

#7:190 Students - Student Discipline

#7:330 Students - Student Use of Buildings - Equal Access

#8:30 Community Relations - Visitors to and Conduct on School Property

#8:40 Community Relations - Spectator Conduct at School Events (Deleted)

The board also approved:

The board heard reports from Building Principals Buss, Nichols and Geiser, and heard a report from Curriculum Director Jeanne Serven that included a preview of the FY09 federal and state grants.

They discussed attendance at the November school board conference in Chicago and who might serve as a delegate to the Delegate Assembly.

The board heard a report from Supt. Grimm on the need to amend the FY08 district budget. Following a brief discussion on the proposed amended budget, the board directed Superintendent Grimm to put the budget on display and to bring it back to them in June for adoption.

The board discussed the WCHS bowling program. A request was made for the board to increase their financial support of the bowling program. It was the consensus of the board that we would pay for lane usage and the entry fees into the State Tournament series. The board asked the Superintendent to bring this back to the June board meeting as an action item.

The board discussed a proposal to increase the pay of officials who officiate our high and middle schools interscholastic contests, and directed Supt. Grimm to bring this back in June as an action item.

The board briefly reviewed the WCHS and WCMS bi-annual sports participation survey. It was the consensus of the board that no changes in our existing programs need to be made.

The board discussed a proposed revision to the high school student/parent handbook regarding a semester exam incentive. The proposed revision was prepared by a committee of high school teachers. High School English teacher Shawn Whittaker was present to answer questions from the board. Following a discussion on the content of the plan, it was the general consensus that this item should be brought back in June for action.

The board discussed a proposal to provide air conditioning for the north campus band room. Essentially the proposal called for the Music Boosters to pay for the materials and equipment to provide air conditioning for the north campus band room and that district personnel would install it. The board directed Supt. Grimm to bring this to the June 5th special board meeting for approval.

Under future agenda items, a request was made to bring to the board in June an update on the staff accountability document that was generated during bargaining. The board has asked for an update on the progress of finalizing that document in preparation for distribution to staff. A request was also made to add to a future board meeting agenda a discussion of what to do with the track and football field area at the Media campus. It was then the consensus of the board to direct that topic back to the board's building and grounds sub-committee for review and for them to then bring a recommendation back to the board.

The board entered closed session at approximately 9:05 pm to discuss matters pertaining to personnel. The board exited closed session at 10:30 pm and took the following action:

The board approved the request to change the regular June board meeting to Wednesday, June 25, 2008 beginning at 7 pm. The primary purpose for changing the date was to allow a sufficient amount of days for the amended budget to be on public display.

There being no other business to come before the board, the meeting was adjourned at approximately 10:40 pm.