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Water, Taxes, Raccoons and Vandalism Part of Biggsville Board Discussion

May 7th-the Biggsville Village Board members and President Dale Allenbaugh heard resident Mike Hendrickson ask for a business variance for his business. "Scrog's Hot Rod Shop'.

The village pointed out that only one water and sewer was serving the rental house and business. President Allenbaugh suggested to bill both house and business and not require a separate service installation until summer.

A business variation was granted to Mike Hendrickson to allow his business to operate and both the house and business be billed for water and sewer.

Hendrickson questioned "Why two bills?" and it was explained that two separate users are using the water and sewer.

New Business:


Parks and Recreation-



The generator has been picked up and an estimate for electrical services is in process.


Public Relations

Old Business

Allenbaugh received a back taxes bill amounting to $218.75 from Glen Olson who has paid the taxes for the property in Reid Park.

Olson advised Dale that the village had use to this property during this time. A quit claim deed was filed on October 2007 and eighteen days later the partial was sold for taxes. The back taxes had to be paid to reclaim the partial.

This problem was caused when the proper paper work was not completed. The village has filed for tax exemption in November 2007.

Jennifer Hopkins moved the village reimburse Glen Olson the $218.75 for the back taxes, seconded by Brian Sterett.

Roll was called. Marilyn Evans, yea, Jennifer Hopkins, yea, Gloria Minard,nay, and Brian Sterett, yea. Motion carried and Clerk Jones issued a check to Glen Olson.

Present at the meeting were: Trustees-Marilyn Evans, Jennifer Hopkins (7:13 p.m.), Gloria Minard, and Brian Sterett.

Trustees absent-Brian Cochran and Bob Onion.

Also present were Treasurer-Gloria Jones. Clerk-Frank Jones who presented their reports (minutes, treasurer's reports, bills) which were approved. Bills amounted to $5,262.14 which included $1,500.61 for water and utility, and $522.00 for Total Environmental Service Technologies.

Visitors were-Mike Hendrickson, Jan Monville, and Richard Liby.

The meeting adjourn at 9:07 p.m. until the next regular meeting on Wednesday, June 4, 2008, at 7:00 p.m. at the Biggsville Community Building

(from the Biggsville Board notes of Frank Jones, Clerk)