The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke

"Don't Give Your Troubles A Chair To Sit On"

Greetings to readers of The Quill. Hope this letter finds you and yours doing well.

I expect by now most of youn's has hung all of your May baskets and had all the fun that goes with it.

What? You are not hanging May baskets anymore. How could such an old tradition as this die out so soon?

How's about some of you old timers sharing some of your experiences and traditions of hangn' May baskets and maybe Dessa can print for posterity some of what you have enjoyed.

Come to think of it I'll bet more than a few of youn's has some good stories to tell of box socials and church picnic experiences.

Come on and give it a try. The young folk needs to learn of some of their culture that makes Hancock-Henderson counties so wonderful.

We got the reputation in these parts as "being a friendly as a speckled pup" (extremely friendly). In fact most of our folk knows that "an ounce a' help is better'n a whole pound of preachin'." (actions are better than words)

Well, Cornelius finished plant'n corn last Friday night-late. Saturday morn'n he spent the better part of it change'n over everything for bean plant'n.

All conversions to the planter was made, adjustments fixed, and just as he was about to fill the planter boxes the *#! planter tractor died on him very suddenly.

New batteries and much conversation with the implement dealer, and it still wouldn't start. Ole Cornelius "wuz as nervous as a flamingo dancer with weak kidneys" (very nervous) because rain was in the forecast and he would at least like to get the outfit to a better location.

By the end of the day he said he "felt' "bout like a bar of homemade soap after a hard washday". (very tired and exhausted from the stress).

Comes Monday morning, there sets his rig in the same inconvenient location.

Turns out there was something wrong with the computer-but by this time he had received over 2 inches of rain. Cornelius says, "with his luck, he wud' pro'bly ketch the' bouquet at a funeral."

On Monday morn'n the "ground wuz too thick to drink and too thin to plow".

Well, the better part of the story is that Cornelius enjoyed Mothers Day not frett'n about absence from the field.

Whilst he normally does not work on Sunday's, a late spring such as this'n can be mighty tempt'n.

As he reflected back on his field work this spring, after a good Sunday church service, Cornelius agreed, "You can't keep trouble outto' yer' house, but you don't hafta' give it a chair to sit on!" (don't let troubles dominate you)

I'm a hopn' all of youn's enjoyed Mothers Day as well and that the women folk were treated to the best of traditions for Hancock and Henderson counties.

I'm a gonna cut it short this time in hopes you'll reflect some on my thoughts on May day traditions, box socials, and other events and traditions worth notn'. Then pass them on to Dessa for others to enjoy.

Catch ya later

Barnyard Bruke