The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Gladstone Special Water Meeting Held

A special meeting was held on February 26, 2008, with the entire Gladstone Village Board present, clerk and mayor.

Others attending were: Randy Goble, Don Olson, Tom Morrison, Jan Dunn, Kenny Bundy, John Roegiers, Herb Hientz, (H20 Superintendent/Galesburg), Larry Cox, Director of Public Works/Galesburg).

Larry Cox, the Director of Galesburg Public Works, and Herb Hientz, Water Superintendent of Galesburg, were present as requested by Mayor McKinney. He felt it might be better to connect to Galesburg water rather than updating the village well sites.

Before Rural Development will loan the village money, Engineer John Roegiers must do a study on feasibility cost of hooking onto Galesburg versus continuing with adding a third well and blending station as the village applied for through a grant.

John Roegiers will present the village and Rural Development the figures on approximate cost of hooking into Galesburg.

Board members concerned with if Galesburg is hooked on to, how existing water system will be paid for.

A motion was made by Sebastian to adjourn. Motion carried.

Joyce Hetrick
Gladstone Village Clerk