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Biggsville Trustees Hear Of Water Theft

In the regular March board meeting of the Village of Biggsville trustees, President Dale Allenbaugh reported that the Water Project Grant Application has been submitted. Rural Development's paperwork is pending and the last two easements that are at the courthouse are being registered.

In other water related issues it was reported of the theft of the village's water services by President Dale Allenbaugh.

The States Attorney has issued a warrant for an individual who failed to make an appearance at court.

In the event that Biggsville water is being turned on without payment being made, the village will take legal action to prevent the theft of water.

We also will turn a residence off when a bad check is issued to pay a bill. We will turn the water back on when the bill plus $50.00 is paid in cash.

The board met in regular session. President Dale Allenbaugh presided and the following were present: Trustees-Brian Cochran, Marilyn Evans, Gloria Minard, and Brian Sterett. Absent-Treasurer-Gloria Jones, Clerk-Frank Jones, Trustees-Jennifer Hopkins and Bob Onion.

In special reports:

Sewer and Lagoon-Biggsville will be purchasing a three phase generator which will act as a backup power supply to our sewage lift stations. Each station will have to be wired to make the installation possible, but will make a power outage like last year, a much easier thing to cope with.

Parks & Recreation Report, the upcoming ball season was discussed as the Village looks to have at least a third higher expense in its ballpark operation this year due to the rising fuel costs.

Ways of off-setting this expense with some type of associated funding was tabled until the Parks and Recreation meeting was held on the last Monday of this month.

Lights-AmerenIP will be changing some lights in the Biggsville's downtown area to sodium vapor which will lower the cost of electricity and put out better light.

Public Relations-Letters have been sent to citizens living in the area of Lynn Hotel. Some inconvenience has occurred because of visitors parking in front of residences. Biggsville trustees hope that everyone will understand the positive impact that paying visitors have on their community.

Streets-Gloria Minard moved to approve the 2007 Motor Fuel Tax expenditures of $7,089.88 and approve the cost of funding for next year seconded by Brian Cochran. Roll was called and all present voted yes.

Zoning-There have been citizen complaints about the appearance of some yards and the storage of trash which is open to animals. Letters will be going out to the concerned parties so actions can be taken which will solve these issues.

A lock will be put on the recycling bin as theft of Iowa aluminum cans has been occurring. It is hopeful this will cut down on petty crime in the Biggsville village.

The Biggsville Village Board adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Minutes were provided to Clerk Frank Jones by President Dale Allenbaugh.

The next regular meeting will be on Wednesday, April 2, 2008, at 7 p.m. at the Biggsville Community Building.

Frank H. Jones
Biggsville Village Clerk