The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Letters to Editor

Dear Editor:

Last week in a letter to the editor, Mr. and Mrs. Waterman believed it to be unfair that the new directors of the Henderson County Fair Queen Pageant ask that their daughter, Danielle give up her crown.

I, first off, would like to restate the fact that Danielle did go above and beyond last summer at the fair and has done a wonderful job since then representing our county. I would also like to congratulate her on her marriage last December.

However, the pageant has changed directors and these fine ladies who are volunteering their time and services in an effort to continue to offer the pageant do not feel it to be acceptable to have a "Mrs." Henderson County hand over the crown to the new "Miss.".

The new director's interpretation of the rules is the same interpretation held by the Henderson County Fair Board and the Illinois Pageant Directors Association. Every effort is being taken to run this pageant to IPDA standards in order for our future Queens to participate in the State Pageant for Miss Illinois County Fair Queen.

This is a difficult choice to make and by no means does it diminish the work and effort that Danielle put into last year's pageant competition.

I would hope that everyone respects whatever decision is made and continues to show his or her support for the pageant, the fair, and Henderson County.

Joseph D. Kane
Henderson County
Fair Board


How Will You Answer The Question?

By Elaine Slater Reese

We have been taught that it is polite to answer someone's question. This Holy Week once again reminds us that there is a question we must each answer.

And if we choose not to answer it - that is an answer in itself. We go to such extremes to celebrate Christmas - the birth of Jesus Christ. And I have never understood why Easter, His Resurrection, is so low-key. Of course, there are the bunnies, the eggs, the flowers - symbolic supposedly of new life.

No matter how we celebrate or choose not to celebrate Easter, God is again asking us the most important question of our lives.

"WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH JESUS?" Some choose to search the scriptures and decipher what his death and resurrection means for them. Some insist, with no knowledge at all, that they are not religious. Some have opened their hearts to His love and are assured of eternity with Him.

Many of us think that we will deal with the question sometime in the future. And I, of course, am reminded of that old saying - Yesterday is a cancelled check. Tomorrow is a promissory note. WE ONLY HAVE TODAY! I understand that the world today has little time or respect for this one called Jesus!

But, He was nailed to a cross and shed his blood there, so that you and I could have promises and hope. His resurrection means we spend eternity with Him and the Father if we have answered the question "Yes, Jesus, I accept you as Lord of my life."

If we choose to totally ignore the question or we choose to deny Him, the Word states there will be a time when "every knee shall bow, every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord".

At that point, it will too late to decide to answer the question or change the answer we gave. How exciting that we are each given a choice! We each choose our very own answer to God's question.

(Editor's Note: Elaine Slater Reese is a freelance writer in Spring Green, Wisconsin who grew up near Bowen and in the Hancock Country area.)