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Spotlight: Pioneer Club Is Now Up & Running

The Fun Begins!

Terre Haute-The Pioneer Club is now up and running for Hancock and Henderson County children who are ages Pre-K to 4th grade. 

The Bible program is being hosted by the Terre Haute United Methodist Church every Wednesday from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. and includes a wide range of activities for all to participate in. 

The weekly program will run from March to May, with a very small fee to cover the cost of workbooks.

The church joins thousands of others in gospel teaching to children through the unique ministry of Pioneer Clubs. 

Pioneer Clubs is designed to bring children to a lifelong relationship with the Savior. 

The club meetings provide a safe environment for kids to have fun in while studying the Bible, memorizing scripture, learning new skills, playing games, building lasting relationships and ultimately learning to live for Christ. 

Pioneer Clubs is committed to the spiritual development of kids, helping them to grow into healthy adults, secure in who God has created them to be. 

Through active participation and hands-on experiences, children recognize their capabilities and experience genuine achievement in a cooperative, team-building environment. 

There are opportunities for adults, too.

Pioneer Clubs are also committed to helping adults as they minister to children. 

Materials are designed to enable adult volunteers to understand children and help them develop. 

Volunteers are also encouraged in their own personal and spiritual growth as they see God working through them in ministering to the children. 

The Pioneer Club is divided into three age groups:

The Scooters-age Pre-K to Kindergarten,

The Voyagers-1st through 2nd grades and

The Pathfinders-3rd through 4th grades. 

Each group focuses its teachings to that particular age group and uses the Pioneer Club's slogan scripture of Psalms 119:105, "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path". 

The Scooters are being taught by Lewis and Amanda Moore. The Voyagers are being taught by Terri Bowman and the Pathfinders are being taught by Patti Riden. 

As the children are taught and accomplish some tasks at home, they are awarded badges to signify their accomplishments.  Each badge will be displayed proudly on a vest, which the participants will earn through various activities during the programs from scripture memorization and other Biblical activities.

It's not too late to join up. For more information contact Pastor Tom Wright at the Terre Haute Methodist Church or come by on a Wednesday to register.

The Scooters, ages Pre-K through Kindergarten, led by Lewis Moore is the smallest group at the Pioneer Club this year.

The Voyagers, ages 1st through 2nd grade is enjoying the active program of the Pioneer Club.

The Pathfinders, ages 3rd through 6th, enjoys discussing topics that affect their lives, such as peer pressure and living for Christ.

The children enjoy snacks and fellowship along with music and art.