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Spotlight: 8th Grade Volleyball Appreciation Night:

February 21st was not just the last home game of the volleyball season but it was 8th Grade Appreciation Night to recognize each girl for their hard work, time and dedication to the team before moving on to their new endeavors - "Illini West'. 

Opening up the night, was La Harpe's 7th grade volleyball team against the Macomb Mustangs. La Harpe served up a 5 to 2 lead at the beginning of the game before giving the ball away to Macomb, who took charge with a 12 to 8 lead over the Eagles. La Harpe regained control of the ball and gained a 14 to 18 point score, in Macomb's favor. Macomb continued to take control as they won game 1 with a 25 to 16 score. 

In game 2, an early lead was held by the Eagles at a 2 to 1 score before Macomb took control of the serve. Keeping the score close, Macomb and the Eagles bounced the serve back and forth until the Eagles took a slight advantage over the Mustangs with a 5 to 3 score.

Macomb quickly retrieved the ball to advance them a lead of 8 to 5 over the Eagles. 

Showing that they mean business, the Eagles immediately regained position and caught back up before Macomb took the ball back at a 12 to 13 score.

Continuously keeping defense up, in the end, it was the Eagles with a 25 to 13 win over the Mustangs, with the game point being served by Leah Pence.

Game 3 started with the traditional "court floor stomp' and chant - "1,2,3,4 .... strike it, that's the way we like it'. Evenly matched, each team racked up point for point.

Macomb struck first and La Harpe quickly regained the point on the next serve. La Harpe took an early led with a 4 to 1 score before giving the Mustangs the serve.

The Eagles regained the ball with the help of some of their excellent defensive moves, which held the Mustangs at bay. The Eagles then broke loose with an 8 to 3 lead and continued to increase that lead at the first time out, with a score of 12 to 8. Macomb quickly retaliated with a 13 to 12 score, edging the Eagles slightly. Evenly matched, each team went into drive with a 24 to 23 score, giving La Harpe a slight edge. Macomb matched that point, making the game a tight score of 24 to 24 with the game point close at hand. La Harpe came out on top with a 25 to 24 win over the Mustangs. 

During the half-time, the 8th grade volleyball team was honored for their hard work, dedication and time with a special gift from the 7th grade team, a yellow carnation, purple and yellow balloons and pictures as they stood at center court. Parents were also recognized for their support, time and encouragement to help each girl accomplish a wonderful year. The National Anthem was sang by Melissa Burt, mother of Cassidy Burt, an 8th grade player. The 8th grade team consists of:

Kelli Adkisson - daughter of Mark and Barb Finch
Jennifer Bowman - daughter of Willie and Connie Bowman
Molly Brown - daughter of Kenny and Bonnie Brown
Cassidy Burt - daughter of Chad and Melissa Burt
Courtney Graves - daughter of Tim and Monalisa Graves
Ashley Haynes - daughter of Ginger Taylor
Skylar Johnson - daughter of Ronnie and Traci Johnson
Ashley Kerfoot - daughter of John and Amy Tanner
Courtney Morarend - daughter of Brett and Julie Morarend
Carly Roberts - daughter of Larry and Teena (Alfie) Roberts
Samantha Scott - daughter of Steve and Julie Pence
Andrea Trout - daughter of RD and Lisa Trout

Head Coach was Cindy Pollock and Assistant Coach was Denise Brown. Special helpers for the season is Morgan Pollock and Kristina Johnson. 

After the half-time, the 8th grade team took to the floor against Macomb's 8th grade Mustangs. Macomb quickly jumped to a 4 to 0 lead as La Harpe battled to regain control.  La Harpe tried to rally back by scoring 2 points but Macomb was in strong control of the ball with a 6 to 2 score. The Eagles regained the point spread by scoring 7 points, as La Harpe took a small lead over Macomb. The Mustangs came back to score 16 points over La Harpe's 11 points and the Mustangs continued to dominate the point spread, making the score 21 to 12 over the Eagles. Gaining one point at a time, the Eagles tried to catch a tough Mustang team as the score totaled 24 to 15, in Macomb's favor. The game point was served by La Harpe to give Macomb a 25 to 16 victory over the Eagles.

In game 2, the first serve of the game gave La Harpe the first point, giving them a 3 to 0 lead over the Mustangs. La Harpe continued to gain control with a 5 to 3 lead against the Mustangs before loosing the serve to Macomb. Macomb quickly tied the game with a 5 to 5 score.

Keeping the scores evenly matched, each team rallied an awesome defensive strategy that finally gave way, when the Eagles took a 13 to 11 lead.

After Macomb regained the serve, they immediately retaliated with a 14 to 14 score. Point by point, the teams continued to stay tightly scored until Macomb took a 25 to 21 victory over the Eagles.

At the end of game 2, it was evident that the La Harpe Eagles gave this town an awesome year of volleyball with lots of memories that each girl will take with them as they continue on towards Illini West.