The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Raritan Village Board Meeting

Raritan Board President Jim Blender and Trustees met in the meeting room of the Raritan Fire House June 12, 2008 with Blender, Waller, Magee, Anders and Knapp answering roll call.

Visitors were Robert McGriff, LeRoy Wallace and Jeff Wallace.

After President Blender opened with prayer, Robert McGriff stated that he was not done with the clean up of his yard due to the weather and other commitments. LeRoy Wallace also stated that he had not been able to get everything cleaned up by the deadline of June 8, 2008.

President Knapp had taken pictures of the above two yards to show the trustees how much junk still remained on their properties.

A discussion was held about how much more time to give them and a motion was made by trustee Blender, seconded by trustee Anders to give Wallace and McGriff until July 10, 2008 to clean up their yards.

President Knapp will have our attorney file a complaint on the Doug Hensley property because of non compliance.

Jared Strode has started work on the roof at his property, however he has not lived up to the agreement with the board that he had until June 8 to finish the roof, siding and mowing of the grass.

President Knapp will have our village attorney send a letter to Mr. Strode complaining about the weeds and junk in his yard.

Also, a copy of the demolition order to tear down this property if it is not made livable will be included in the letter.

Trustee Anders will check with Twomey's to see if he can borrow a semi to haul chips for the park play ground.

It was decided to leave flags up from June 14 thru July 4 because of the holidays.

President Knapp reported that the village could apply for a CDAP grant to repair houses in Raritan.

A motion was made by trustee Blender, seconded by trustee Wallace to table the discussion until next meeting. President Knapp will ask a WIRC representative to attend our next meeting.

President Knapp reported that MDTC was changing there cable effective July 1, 2008.

Trustee Magee reported that Ivan Martin was concerned about old wells at the end of Evergreen with rotten covers. President Knapp will notify property owners about this matter.

A motion was made by trustee Knapp, seconded by trustee Waller to purchase a Kerosene heater for the pump house at a cost of $60.00. Motion carried.

Minutes of the last meeting were approved and bills approved to be paid as follows: Dennis Rankin $129.20; Thompson Insurance $75.00; Ameren IP $611.54; PDC $13.50; IRWA $205.90; Dallas Rural Water $831.32; Jay Blender $685.00; Phil Anders $180.00 and $60.00; Waste Management $754.80; Richard Knapp $6.78.

The meeting adjourned until the next regular meeting night in July.