The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Henderson County Flood of 2008

Gulport flood waters and US 34 over Big River Bridge toward Burlington, IA

Gulfport at Lake Stevenson looking southeast

Covered bridge at Oquawka

The flooded farm home of Lois (Delmar) Russell rural Gladstone east of Gulfport. Lois had evacuated prior to the flood.

Levee break at Gulfport washing out tracks of BNSF railroad.

Ayerco at County's only stop light, HWY 34 and Carman Road

Road in front of Bundy house near Carman Cemetery

Cruisers on Hwy 34

Gladstone Lock & Dam 18

The farm of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Ford on the Carman blacktop, 1.4 mile north of Ellison Creek. On the west side of the road, is the home of Hugh Gesling. Mr. and Mrs. Ford had evacuated to his son's home, Mark and Olive prior to the flood. Gesling stayed but was able to escape that morning.

Carman sign and Methodist Church

Hopper-Carthage Lake Road