The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Gladstone Village Reports On Two Monthly Meetings

All members were present at the regular May board meetings for the Village of Gladstone.

After the regular approval of minutes and paying of bills, and Treasure's report, a motion was made by Jim Hetirck, seconded by Mike Hopkins and unanimously passed to continue having PDC Laboratories test water.

Hetrick also motioned, seconded by Byron Sebastian, to install 2 stop signs on Walnut Street at Liberty intersection to make it a 4-way stop. All voted yes.

Jim Mooney requested time to pay his water bill.

A motion was made by Sebastian, and seconded by Darlene Manes to allow the Maple City Tractor Show at the Village Park for antique tractors. All approved.

John Roegiers presented comparison of well and blending station and Galesburg connection, preliminary cost estimate for Galesburg connection, and operation and maintenance for well and blending station versus estimated operation and maintenance for Galesburg connection.

A Motion by Hetrick, seconded by Sebastian was made and all approved to have John Roegiers prepare a cost estimate report for Rural Development.

Rex McKinney said he wanted to thank Marty Lafary and Twomeys for filling hole at Community building.

A motion by Manes, seconded by Hetrick was approved by all to continue having trash picked up in the alley near Jim Mooney from May 1 through November 15.

A Motion by Hetrick, second by Sebastian to continue having Bev Thacker read water meters was approved by all.

It was approved to have Clerk Joyce Hetrick contact Village Attorney Mike Neff in regards to several residents having yards unkept.

It was approved to allow records to be picked up by CPA and audited. Meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.

Gladstone Village June Meeting

At the June 9th Gladstone board meeting, answering roll call was Mayor Rex McKinney, Clerk Joyce Hetrick, Members Jim Hetrick, Jr. Bielser, Mike Hopkins, Darlene Manes, and Florence Stewart. Byron Sebastian was absent.

Guests present were Ron James, Don Olson, Tom Morrison, Matt Gray and Marty Lafary.

After usual business, it was discussed that the new stop signs will be installed when the steel posts arrive.

A motion was made by Bielser to pay Earl Seitz $15.00 to mow the Mobil station area, seconded by Hetrick and passed with all ayes.

A motion was made by Hetrick to buy 2" x 4" forms and stakes to pour sidewalks, seconded by Hopkins and alll approved.

A motion was made by Hopkins to pay Nick Bigger $100.00 for labor on the water system, seconded by Bielser and all approved.

A motion was made by Bielser to inquire with Jim Lox on trimming trees at the village park and cutting down trees, seconded by Hetrick and passed with all ayes.

Clerk Joyce Hetrick presented a copy of the prepared quarterly water report, which was sent to USDA Rural Development.

The short meeting adjourned at 6:42 p.m.