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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: What Goes 'Round-Comes 'Round


Greetings from the Heartland, where corn is king and most farmers around here-abouts "keep their head up an' their tail out like they own the place." (are confident, and aren't shy).

I'm a havn' trouble lately with my meals in the "big city". I ordered a bacon-lettuce-tomato sandwich and it came with out any tomato.

After a while and several meals later, at different establishments, and still no tomatoes, I popped the question as to why no tomato-not in salad, sandwich or anywheres.

Seems as tho them raw uncooked tomatoes these days might have "Saint Paul" salmonella or something in them.

"Ain't that a fine kettle of fish" (a big mess)!

Salmonella is usually transmitted to humans by eating foods contaminated with animal feces.

I'm a wondering, where has they been growing and/or storing them thar tomatoes?

I've been readn' and hearing a lot more lately about the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) and how they are often referred to by others as the "Greedy Bunch" or "The Gang of 300".

They portray themselves as the white knights, fighting for lower food prices, when they are actually out to protect their market share and enormous profits.

It is said they are planning a "Great Grain Robbery" and thru the Glover Park Group have started a Civil War betwixt producers and manufacturers.

"What goes "round-comes "round" (justice is usually served eventually), but for now they hit those Ethanol folks "like greased lighnin" with their negative campaign and shameless demagoguery.

Their nasty-divisive campaign attacks those very producers that once was their allies.

They have fabricated global myths of "food vs fuel" similar to the 1970's when their battle cry was "Food vs Feed."

At that time people were urged to eat less meat so that starving people could be fed.

Utilize corn to feed people-not animals-for maximum efficiency they boldly stated. The resulting decades of 80's and 90's were disastrous for the American farmer.

Producers were unable to cover their costs of production and government subsidies were often the farmers only profit. Forced consolidation brought on an aura of gloom in the Midwest, rural communities were devastated, and young people could not find adequate jobs locally.

Today, we spend and send more money over seas for oil than we spend and keep for national defense, by a lopsided of 130%. It turns out we are funding both sides of this war on terror.

The problem is we are sending the enemy 30% more for them to fight us then we are spending for our own protection.

Our economy and our safety won't last long under those circumstances. "What crawls under yer' belly "ll land on yer' back" (we'll reap the results of those actions)!

Cornelius says "Anyone who helps the GMA to take away our liberty is missin' a few shingles from their roof, and are not quite playin' with a full deck"!

But, in the GMA's situation, it seems they would do it all for one reason-Greed.

Catch ya later

Barnyard Bruke