The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

West Central School Board

Regular Meeting

July 16, at the regular meeting of the West Central Community Unit School Board, the following items took place:

Board President Lonnie Brent called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm with all board members present at roll call except for board member Sams. The meeting was held in the Unit Office Conference Room.

President Brent led in the Pledge of Allegiance followed by Good News items as follows:

The board approved the agenda as presented.

The board heard a report from Sam Sudakar, the CSC Envoy, under the recognition of audience request for presentation section of the agenda.

The board approved the consent agenda as presented. The following items were approved under the consent agenda:

The board approved payment of the July bills as presented as well as the June treasurer's report.

The board also heard a brief summary of the district finances at the conclusion of FY08.

Supt. Grimm pointed out to the board that the un-audited fund balances total approximately $4.1 million dollars with approximately $2.5 million of that being held in the education fund.

The board approved a bid from Anderson/Erickson dairy for milk products for the 2008-09 school year and a bid from Interstate Brands Corp for bakery products for the same time period.

The board approved a list of meeting dates for FY09 as presented.

The board approved a loan from the working cash fund to the transportation fund in the amount of $225,000.

This loan is necessary due to the State not providing the district with the last FY08 transportation reimbursement in a timely manner. The loan will be repaid to the working cash fund on receipt of the next transportation reimbursement from the State and/or the first installment of the local property tax revenue.

There were no reports offered by members of the administrative team.

The board heard a brief update on district summer work from Supt. Grimm.

Among items highlighted were the electrical work and handicapped accessibility work to be done by outside contractors.

The board was informed that the carpet replacement for the kindergarten rooms should be completed by Friday, July 18th. Supt. Grimm informed the board that the exterior lighting under the canopies in front of the high school is being replaced by district staff.

Supt. Grimm complimented Mr. Wetterling on his efforts to keep the grounds mowed and looking nice through the wet summer.

The board briefly discussed the board sponsored luncheon for all staff which will take place on August 18th.

The board agreed to do this again and was informed that Board President Brent will be sending out assignments for each board member to take care of in anticipation of that meal being served.

The board discussed a proposal for the purchase of some personal fitness equipment to be bought to enhance the high school physical education curriculum.

The board had prior to the meeting reviewed a written summary of the request provided by high school physical education teacher Nancy Gibb.

Ms. Gibb was at the meeting to discuss her proposal with the board personally.

After a brief conversation about the proposal, the board directed Supt. Grimm to bring this item back to the board for action at their August board meeting.

The board entered closed session at approximately 7:02 p.m. to discuss matters pertaining to personnel. The board exited closed session at 7:45 pm and took the following action:

The next meeting will be Wednesday, August 20, 2008 at 7 pm in the elementary cafeteria. The board adjourned at approximately 7:52 p.m.