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Adam Kane Sentenced To 30 Years In Home Invasion Of Uncle

Oquawka: In Henderson County Court Wednesday, July 16, 2008, twenty-nine year old Adam R. Kane of Biggsville, was sentenced to 30 years in the Illinois Department of Correction after he pled guilty to HOME INVASION, a class X felony in the February 8th home invasion of his uncle's residence, Arthur Kane of Rural Route 1 Media near Raritan.

On February 27th, Henderson County States Attorney Ray Cavanaugh, had filed the following six charges against Adam Kane:

The charges reported that Adam Kane pointed a pistol at the face of Arthur Kane while he was laying in bed, and discharged the gun while wrestling with his Uncle, and that Adam knew that his uncle was present and intentionally caused him injury, scratching up Arthur Kane's hand with his hands, with the intent of taking property from him by using force.

Henderson County States Attorney Cavanaugh said that Adam Kane "performed a substantial step toward" the commission of Attempted First Degree Murder from this act."

"Art's a strong man," Cavanaugh said of the victim. "I think he (Adam Kane) thought that he was going to come in and Art was going to be an easy case, but what he found was a strong person willing to defend himself."

"I am pleased to have him (Adam Kane), put away for a significant time where people and property will be safe," Cavanaugh said.

"A decade and a half is a significant amount of time," explaining the day for day eligibility for good behavior where he could be released in 15 years.

"If he learns his lesson well, and behaves himself, he could be out and still have time to be a father to his infant children."

Cavanaugh said, "It also, sends a warning to others of the consequences of using weapons in home invasions."

Adam Kane has an extensive criminal history. Adam Kane has prior felony convictions in Henderson County of Involuntary Manslaughter (1999), Receiving Debit Card of Another (2001) sentenced to 2 years in prison concurrent with 4 years in prison for Burglary (2001), and Unlawful Possession of Stolen Vehicle (2007). In addition, Adam Kane was convicted of Burglary in Des Moines County, Iowa in 2003.

The victim, Arthur Kane, President of the Raritan State Bank, attended the sentencing and said he was relieved that his nephew had finally admitted his wrong doing and had pled guilty, and the ordeal had been settled, and he hopes Adam can turn his life around.

If he had not pled guilty, Cavanaugh said he would have proceeded with the trial with the Attempted First Degree Murder charge which carries a longer prison time.

Home Invasion carries a 6 to 30 year prison term, he said, but due to the fact that the victim was over 60, the conviction carries a 30-60 year prison sentence.

Adam Kane has 30 days to file a motion to withdraw his plea, but if he does withdraw, Cavanaugh says he will counter-file. "The judge thoroughly admonished Adam Kane of his rights and the effect of his guilty plea."

Judge David Vancil, Jr. had set Adam Kane's bond at $750,000 at his Detention Hearing February 27th, but he remained held in the Henderson County Jail in lieu of bond. The time he has served in jail is to be applied to his sentence time, Judge Vancil said, and he also ordered Adam to pay all Court Costs of his court proceedings.

The search for the accomplice remains ongoing.

Attorney Marcum Spears of Monmouth represented Adam Kane.