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Meet Your Neighbor

by Mitch Worley- Quill Reporter

Meet Your Neighbor, Bryant Fernetti.

He was born to Steve and Heidi Fernetti on April 29th, 1988 in Fort Madison, IA.

Bryant was a 2006 graduate of La Harpe High School, participating four years in baseball, four years of basketball, a year of football, and was treasurer of the Class of 2006.

One thing that most people know Bryant for is his love for sports.

Bryant has always enjoyed playing sports, but is also an avid fan of the Chicago White Sox, Michigan Wolverines, Chicago Bears, Chicago Bulls, and Dallas Cowboys.

Out of all the pro athletes he follows, David Ortiz (AKA Big Papi) is Bryant's favorite athlete.

When speaking about "Papi", he said, "I like the way he plays the game. He works really hard at what he does, but also has a lot of fun doing what he does. That's how I like to play the sports I play."

Currently, Bryant is a collegiate athlete in two sports: basketball and baseball.

His latest stop was at Carl Sandburg College in Galesburg, and is in the process of choosing another school to both further his education and his sports career.

Bryant said, "I am really looking forward to going somewhere new and meeting new people while doing what I love doing, which is playing sports. It's always fun to be out and about."

Within the next two years, Bryant plans to get a Bachelor's in Education.

Beyond that, he wants to teach history and coach sports at a high school somewhere if his sports career ends at the college ranks.