The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Lights Reported Damaged At Village Park

By: Shirley Linder, Quill Editor

$1,000 worth of damage was caused to four lights in the Stronghurst village park, last month, a result of vandals throwing clods of dirt, was reported at the Stronghurst Village Board on Monday, July 7th.

Following a discussion as to how to prevent further damage to the park, Chris Cook was directed to check into prices for installing security cameras.

Chris Cook reported the Stronghurst Booster Club would like to landscape around the newly constructed outdoor facility. Permission was granted.

In regards to the park a reminder was given that Security Savings is the one to call to reserve the park for gatherings.

Hap Nortrup, who also attended last month's board meeting, was present to hear the legal ruling on operating a golf cart in the village. President Chockley had spoken to village attorney Mike Neff, who advised against allowing the use of golf carts due to liability. Following a discussion among the trustees it was decided not to adopt an ordinance for golf carts to be used and suggested Mr. Nortrup purchase a scooter instead.

The board reviewed city ordinance violations and the committee reported everyone who had been sent a letter had made an attempt to comply.

Since a letter of complaint had been received by the board that the violation letter did not give a phone number or name of anyone to call, board members agreed there should be an answering machine at city hall, as well as the physical address and telephone number on the letter head. Residents should come to a board meeting to discuss any grievances they might have. The village board meets the first Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m.

The board approved the appropriation budget after increasing the electric and gas figure by 35%.

At last month's board meeting it was decided village employees would not mow several private right of ways as they had been doing for years. However, Tony Anderson said they would now be mowing them once a month and before special holidays to keep the town looking nice.

The trustees have been asked if they would be interested in purchasing the old scout building in the north part of town. The issue was tabled until the asking price is known.

Tony Anderson was directed to prepare an ad and publish it in The Quill for full time help beginning this fall.

Lori Russell reported the audit was complete and each trustee was given a report.

President Chockley requested an executive session for the discussion of employees. He stated no motion would be made following the closed session. Upon a motion by Angela Myers, seconded by Chris Cook the board entered closed session at 8:40 p.m.

Present were: President Eric Chockley; Trustees, David Vancil, Chris Cook, Lawrence Neff, Angela Myers, and Mike Nelson; Clerk Lori Russell; Employee, Tony Anderson; Guests, Danielle Covert, Roger Cook and Hap Nortrup. Absent was trustee, Tony Griepentrog and treasurer, Lou Ann Nortrup.