The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Biggsville Ice Cream Social

It reminiscent of a family reunion Sunday in Biggsville as the Biggsville Preservation Group hosted their second ice cream social.

The weather was perfect, a tent was set up with table and chairs, music was playing and everyone found a shady spot to place their lawn chair.

Steve Graham was busy cooking pork chops and brats on the grill for all who wanted more than dessert for their evening meal.

On the dessert table was many different kinds of pies, cakes and of course, the big drawing card, homemade vanilla ice cream.

Local share holders had kept busy as they made 27 gallon of ice cream, as well as each member furnishing two pies or cakes for the event. The ice cream was frozen in 5 one and one half gallon freezers. It was reported they had frozen 40 gallon jugs of ice to use in freezing.

During the three hours music continued to play for the enjoyment of all. The groups included the Ecumenical Singers; Chris Robbins, Angelo Daud and Friends; and a group from Monmouth called "Surprisingly Hip".

The Hotel Lynn was open for tours as well as the Museum.

Louise Reynolds of Macomb was the winner of a drawing for a one night stay at the hotel.

Not many of the 200 plus people who came seemed to be in a hurry to leave and stayed to enjoy the fellowship and music.