The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Republican's Celebrate With Lincoln Day Feast

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

Republican Women's Club President Joyce Louden reminded those in attendance at Henderson County's annual Republicans Lincoln Day Dinner Monday that the Primary Election is Tuesday, February 5th:

"If you don't vote, don't complain," she said.

Henderson County Central Committeeman Chair Chuck Neff was given a standing ovation after annoucing he will be stepping down after 6 years as chairman, and 20 years serving on the committee.

Ron Bigger is Vice Chair, Susan Higgins, Secretary and Kim Gullberg is Treasurer.

Neff went over the Republican candidates on the Ballot, allowing those present time to speak.

Attorney Jim Standard for Circuit Court Judge, Warren County Republican Chair, has served in law in Monmouth for 37 years and rated by fellow lawyers as top pick with the highest marks in legal ability.

"The law has been my life and has given me the experience for this competetion," he said."

Others running are States Attorney Raymond Cavanaugh, Coroner Kris Beals, Circuit Clerk Sandra Keane, County Board Richard Lutz, Ronald Bigger, Barb. Lumbuck (at large); Jodi Scott, Regional Supt. of Schools who has dedicated her life to education; and State Representative Rich Myers.

Moffitt, Myers, and Chuck Neff are running as delegates for Fred Thompson. Although Thompson dropped his delegates are still running and can be voted for.

Kay Long spoke for (Romney) and Andrea Zinga spoke as a delegate for (Guiliana).

Neff personally endorsed Steve Sauerberg, MD. for U.S. Senate whose son attended the fish fry last September.

Don Moffitt asked each one to "keep the troops in their thoughts and prayers." "I'm honored and privileged to be here in Henderson County. Thanks for what you do."

"I truly believe we are looking at the next Governor of Illinois," Chuck Neff told Republicans of Senator Bill Brady, after he spoke at the annual Lincoln Day Dinner Monday evening.

Brady is a well-respected businessmen in real estate and development, and a family man,

"Our best candidate to beat Dick Durbin is Dr. Steve Sauerberg," Brady said.

"Help him get elected in the U.S. Senate."

"Fred Thompson" pulled himself out of the race, but you can still vote for his delegates. They can represent our interests."

Brady praised State Representatives Don Moffitt and Rich Myers' work in Springfield - "They are two of my favorite legislatures. Don chairs fire protection, and has greatly elevated it, and no one fights harder for their University than Rich.

Brady said Springfield has been a difficult place. He asked everyone to pull out their check book and write a check for their share of the indebtedness or write a check to every child, or if you don't have the money write an $8800 IOU to every child, if not ours, their children... no state is greater in debt, or has refused to be fiscally responsible than Illinois...

Rather than balance the budget our Governor would prefer to reach in your pocket and pass bill after bill. He would rather ignore the needs of all the state. He broke our word, not to raise sales taxes... last week he did.

How do you solve budget crisis without raising taxes?

You work to bring jobs back into the state. We are the 5th largest state but we are the 3rd worst job producing state in the nation.

We have a Chicago centric leadership that doesn't realize the importance of balancing budget or bringing jobs back to our state.

A lot of people call for change - one thing I agree we need a change in Illinois leadership. I can not promise you we are going to see change, but we have to work today to bring about that change, and start now!

I ask many of you to support me to help bring about that change.

Thanks for that help and I have not given up.... I am asking for your support again... we need to begin building a party now, so we can elect every Republican in every office we can.

Can Republicans bring about a change in Illinois?

Brady thinks we can, and his idea is not based on just his thoughts but on research we did.

Good news.

25% Conservative Republicans...

24% Liberal Democrats

54% Moderate Independents.

"Conservatives, we have to earn the favor of the moderates."

It is important to bring candidate with their Republican credentials and than find favor with the moderates.

"It is so crucial!" he said.

Brady suggests with hundreds of volunteers and staff there will be victory in 2010, not only in the governor's race, but a ticket that can win in both the house and senate.

"We need to return Republican values in Springfield, and elect candidates that can redraw the map. We need a map that is fair in this state."

Brady said we already have the values..... - we just have to go out and tell them what we are about and nominate good candidates.

Senator Brady, (R- Bloomington), plans to run on the Republican ticket for Governor in 2010. He served in the Illinois House of Representatives from 1993 to 2001 and then in the Senate since 2002.

He is a mainstream conservative who has a solid reputation for budget expertise and for challenging the status quo in state government and believes Illinois should be accountable for educating our children and maintaining such essential services such as transportation and law enforcement supported by a tax system that is fair and efficient.

He is the ranking Republican on the Senate Insurance Committee, leading Repubican on the Senate Pensions and Investments Committee, serves on the Government Accountability and Forecasting and is a member of the board that governs the state's CHIP (Comprehensive Health Ins. Plan) program.

He resides in Bloomington with his wife Nancy and their three children.