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Hurricane Katrina Recovery Mission Trip

by Diane Spilker, The Quill

Hurricane Katrina packed a powerful punch to the New Orleans, Louisiana area and that impact is still being felt today. Hurricane Katrina was the costliest hurricane in US history, with an estimated 75 billion dollars in damages. 

There are 40,847 people still homeless in the areas affected. In the New Orleans area alone, there are 172,000 houses flooded. There are 86,000 families still living in FEMA trailers-waiting on their homes or a new home to move into. Over 80% of New Orleans was flooded.

The La Harpe Christian Church Youth group is helping to make a difference for these families in the New Orleans area. June 14-21, these local youth are traveling to the New Orleans Redeemer Presbyterian Church to receive assignments on how they can help, clean up debris, gutting houses and rebuilding houses.

Currently, the group has three sponsors: (1) Ryan Johnson of La Harpe, (2) Ashley Peterson of La Harpe and (3) a local running group. There will be 20 people going on this mission trip, including youth and adults.  The group is being led by Evan and Ronnie Sheckler and Ted Sharpe.

Those youth who are attending the mission trip are: Kelly Johnson, Tess Eddington, Tyler Sharpe, Erica Eddington, Brent Wrenn, John Wrenn, Kevin Bray, Amelia Russell, DeAnna Beachy, Jonah Sheckler, Ryan Johnson, Ashley Peterson, Chris Corzatt and Craig Corzatt.

The group had their first fundraiser this past Sunday at the Christian Church, serving a Mexican style lunch.  The group took only freewill donations as church members and community members poured in to sample the Mexican fiesta set before them of tacos with all the fixings, salad, refried beans, nachos, assorted desserts and drinks (tea and water). 

The group is taking private donations as well as organizational donations. In total, the group needs an estimated $3,000 to complete their fundraising goals. All of the group members are excited about the opportunity to help out and ask for everyone to be in prayer that their goals are met, allowing them this opportunity.

Also be in prayer for safety during and after the trip and the people of Louisiana still in need after this devastating ordeal.

John Wrenn of Good Hope welcomes all to the Mexican Fiesta as the official greeter for a fund-raiser for an upcoming Mission Trip in June.


Erica Eddington of La Harpe and Brent Wrenn of Good Hope serve desserts and drinks during Sunday's fundraiser.  Both of them will be attending the Mission's trip in June.

Deanna Beachy of La Harpe (center) and Chris Corzatt of La Harpe (center) serve tacos as many piled in to sample this Mexican feast.