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Community Service Work

Heat Collects 56 Pints Of Blood

West Central Senior Brad Buss holds a swab of cotton on a needle prick after offering his arm to nurses for blood withdrawal. Jesse Sams is next.

by Justin Allaman, West Central Heat Student

If you happened to be in the West Central High School parking lot a little after 6:30 AM last Friday morning, you would have seen a group of drowsy, cold, and hungry students unloading equipment for the day's activities at West Central High School.

After helping setting up tables and preparing food, these Student Council representatives were ready for the blood drive. From 7 AM to about noon on Friday, blood was collected for the Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center.

Approximately 58 units of blood were collected. With a possibility of each donation saving three lives, as many as 174 people were given a new lease on life thanks to the students and community members who took an hour or so out of their time to give blood. Many appreciate the many Student Council members who worked, all the students and community members who gave or tried to give blood, and the Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center for giving West Central this opportunity.