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Spotlight: New Year's Resolution For La Harpe

-by Diane Spilker, The Quill Staff

A resolution is a goal or commitment that one makes that can be viewed as advantageous. Many people make them every year and many people break them every year.

For the town of La Harpe, things are no different. People of all ages have made them and some of them have already broken them (yes, even after 7 days of the new year).

For 2008, this marks an era of new beginnings - whether religiously or socially, change is coming forth.

How we manage and tolerate change is often times the key to keeping our resolutions year around.

I am sure this famous question has been asked before; however, "What's your New Year's Resolution?" and "What are you doing to keep it year round?"

For this reporter, my resolution is of a religious nature. I want to spend more time daily in prayer and study within God's Word. As a newly wed and a mother of three, I find that this keeps me centered and free of clutter within my daily life. It also helps to answer some of life's questions that are confusing, hard and often times, necessary for the well being of my family.

For others, like Jerilyn Bennett, the resolutions are more common. Jerilyn says that her resolution is "to eat healthier and to exercise more". Something that 90% of Americans always resolved to do. Has she up held that resolution? When asked, she states, "I am exercising more and weaning myself off of the junk foods". A lot of Americans do the same thing Jerilyn.

What can be done to help keep the resolutions? Here are some helpful hints to keeping those resolutions throughout the year:

1. Choose goals that you can reach. Be realistic in your choices, don't over extend yourself making too many changes at one time.

2. Have a plan in mind. After selecting your goal, sit down and give some serious thought to making a plan of achievement. It may take time to get there but once achieved, your outlook will be so much more confident in your actions.

3. Find support. It is easier to achieve and maintain practices when you are not alone. Find someone who shares this goal and work together to achieve it.

4.Make small achievable goals and reward yourself. Setting little goals along the way helps to prevent discouragement in your actions. Plus, you can reward yourself along the way to add some incentives into your plan of action.

5. Anticipate the obstacles. Anticipate the obstacles and have a realistic plan on how to handle them when they arise. Don't let little obstacles weigh you down, plow right through them and start fresh. After all, tomorrow is another day!

6. Accept mistakes. Your plan may not work out accordingly and you might have to change your path along the way. Accept that and don't look down on yourself for that. Keep the final goal in mind and the positive aspects of achievement in place to over come those spells of discouragement.

7. Keep a Journal. Journal your emotions, ups and downs along the way. These thoughts may help you along the way as you are reaching that plateau and needing some special encouragement.

8. Evaluate. When everything is done, evaluate your progress and know that you have done a good job. Reward yourself and be proud of your accomplishments.