The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Meet Mr. Snowman

by Betty Jo McConnell, The Quill


Meet Your Snowman Mikie, created on Friday evening December 28, 2007. His creator was Nathan Palmer at Uncle Mike and Aunt Virginia Palmer's house in La Harpe.

Mikie took about a half an hour to make and he stands 7 feet tall and about 2 feet around. He has an extra coat of leaves to keep him warm in this very cold weather.

His facial features are quite unique, his eyes are made of carrots and his nose is made of celery. Mikie's beautiful smile was created by cranberries. To make his creation complete Nathan tied a scarf around his neck and a santa hat to keep him warm.

Nathan said he had fun creating Mikie, for his dad, Jason, and his Uncle Mike helped with Mikie's creation too.

If the weather stays cool you can see Mikie on Center Street in La Harpe.