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La Harpe Community School District #347 Board Meeting

The La Harpe School Board held a regular meeting Tuesday night, February 18th, in the school district library. School board members in attendance were: Cindy Wear, Rex Huston, Pam Campbell, Dan Horton, Ricky Johnson, Deanna Stambaugh, and Mark Irish. Also present were Jo Campbell, Lila McKeown, Kelly Carpenter, Jena Painter and Martha Bartlett.

The board voted to ratify the contract with the La Harpe Education Association for school years 2008 and 2009, voted to leave the closed session minutes through December 2007 sealed, and approved Felecia Pence as a substitute teachers aide and Scott Dobson, Ted Sharpe, and Tim Purdy as substitute bus drivers.

Principal Lila McKeown reported that the 5th grade boys have completed their basketball season with a 1st place win in the annual St. Paul Tournament.

The 6th grade boys will play Saturday in the St. Paul Tournament.

The 7th grade volleyball team will start regional next week here.

The 5th and 6th grade volleyball teams will be finished this weekend, also.

The Illinois Freemasons, coordinated by our local Masonic Lodge sponsored the IL CHIP (Illinois Child Identification) program for 136 La Harpe students.

This program provides a complete identification package to assist in locating a lost or abducted child.

The annual dental check program, Miles of Smiles, provided 25 children with dental sealant and exams.

Brenda Sparrow and Joanna Wright handed out prizes to the Math-a-thon participants in an assembly on January 25th.

The 8th grade students registered on-line for high school classes with Mrs. Logan and Mr. Dion on February 11th in the computer lab.

Pre-K had their Family Night on February 12th.

On February 14th, the students in the elementary classrooms had their Valentine parties from 2:15-3:15 p.m.

The junior high students participated in the "King of Hearts" and "Queen of Hearts" activity on the 13th and 14th.

Ms. Hunter and her helpers put on the Jump Rope for Heart activity on February 15th.The students enjoyed participating in this worthwhile activity.

Teachers are working very hard getting ready for the upcoming ISAT tests.

Third through eight grades will be tested.

A committee of elementary teachers has been meeting to go over ISAT testing tips and incentives.

The junior high will have "Spring Reliever Week" following the tests.