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Letter to Editor

Proud Of La Harpe Park District

Letter to the Editor:

"Many of us enjoy walking at the La Harpe Club House and are very appreciative the La Harpe Park District provides us this place for exercise."

Also, for a small town, our part district does so much for the young people-the pool, golf course, the ball diamonds, playground, etc.

In the summer every ball diamond is in use almost every evening and the teams that come from other towns always remark on the good condition of the diamonds. A lot of this is also because of the hard work of those who manage the ball teams.

As far back as I can remember, the Club House has been in use-my parents used to bring my sisters and me there every other Thursday night-card tables, chairs and bridge lamps lined the sides of the Club House leaving the center open for dancing later, to either music of the piano and violin, or a victrola.

The parents played bridge or 500 Rummy, and the kids ran around outside and also watched players play tennis on the lighted tennis courts (where W. parking lots are now).

I'm sure Jennie McCarty and Merle Meriwether would be proud of the way the park district is using their inheritance.

Eleanor Shutwell - La Harpe