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West Central Girls #1 For

So Many Different Reasons

Dear Editor,

The West Central girl's basketball team should be commended for everything they have accomplished this year and hold their heads high for a number of reasons.

Not only did they have a wonderful season, bring back the much needed school spirit and pack gyms night after night, but they truly show what sportsmanship is all about.

Not only was it a treat to go and watch them execute the ball the way they did, but it was nice to see them do it in a way that showed class and respect.

In a world where disrespect has taken over, it is nice to know that the eyes of our even younger generation (Elementary and Jr. High) are watching these girls and taking in the examples they are setting.

In today's society, positive role models are so hard to find and to be able to look in our own back yard and find a whole team of them is truly a blessing.

So girls, you may not feel that you have achieved all of your goals this year, but I think I am safe in saying you are the state champs in our book-in so many more ways than just winning the game.

You have given our school positive publicity and more importantly have given our younger girls positive idols that they want to be just like.

Seeing the young girls run around with shirts, signs and notes for Miriam, signs and banners for Ashley, and hearing them say, "I want to be able to handle the ball just like Rachele" became a common theme.

And not to take away from the rest of the team, it took everyone to make your team successful. Everyone contributed to every game.

Take pride in knowing that you have won the respect of the community and have a group of younger girls waiting to fall into your footsteps.

Great Season Girls!

Tami Hainds